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Shortness of breath and difficulty to yawn complete (help)

I am 26 years female
I have been having difficulty in taking breath, I have to take deep breaths to satisfy my lungs. At work/ exercise, the problem becomes more dominant than at rest. Sometimes its completely fine, then other times it starts again. But most of the time its present. Along with it, I also suffer problem in taking yawn, my yawn just broke in the middle, leaving my unsatisfied and tired.Taking deep breaths cause me chest pain sometimes (not most time). Due to this, I feel so tired due to trying to take deep breaths & also feel like my back is tired mosty. (whole day almost).

My chest x-ray is normal, blood test also normal, eco also.
The doctor cant tell me what could be the reason. One just gave few medicines like Myteka, Xynosine nasal spray, Rinoclenil spray. None helps. Though I dont use it for days. Because i dont feel like its helping.

Answers and suggestions would be appreciated.
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Hello, I have the same problem, here are some advice to cope with it and hopefully eventually get rid of it.

1. Realise that it's psychological, maybe it was something physical at some point, but it isn't anymore. By feeding into it you strenghtened that neuropathway and your brain is fooling you to get that release again and again.
2. Srop giving into it, no matter how strong the urge might feel
3. Ebrace it, rather than fighting it, if you want something to stop really badly, it won't happen-> say to yourself that its ok to have that feeling, it will go away eventually
4. The problem might be worse when you are in stressy situatons or while being tired-> practice calm and steady (shallow) breathing, maybe with some slow exhales (this will undo some potential overbreahting beforehand) and whilest doing that keep in mind that  you are content with the situation and that it is not a big deal.
5. The number of urges around the day will reduce over time and the less you think about it, the better it will become.
6. Avoid stressfull situations, for me it were stressfull videogames which led to me giving into the urge unknowingly and therefore deepening the "addiction".
Also smoking had a negative impact on my progress because its a common trigger, since its exactly that neurological connection to the breathing area which is messed up and any disturbence can be a catalyst.
7.The urge might come in different forms, once you avoid taking deep breaths, it comes as a yawn, when you stop yawning, it might come as a little burp. Identify that and don't get fooled by it, since its still the same urge.
Anyways, I hope this will help you get better and give you back your inner peace!
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