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Shortness of breath

Hi.  For about 3 months, I've had a feeling that something is sitting on my chest.  I cannot get a full breath out, and I'm always yawning to get that full breath. I don't have any other symptoms of pain, coughing, wheezing, etc.  I've had blood work done, a chest X-Ray, an EKG (which showed a left atrial enlargement), and an Echo-cardiogram done.  The echo. was done because of the EKG results. Everything turned out fine.  I also had sinus surgery done a month ago.  I was hoping that was part of my breathing issues, but evidently, it was not as I'm still having a hard time breathing.  I've been on Buspar to see if it was anxiety......not helping at all. I've bought essential oils and a diffuser - no change.  I did have a lot of stress about 3 months ago (3 funerals in 6 weeks, went back to work, etc.)  I don't know if that triggered something or not.  I have "another" appt. in 2 days to do other tests.........more money.   Just wondering if anyone else had this and what it ended up being.
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