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Should I be worried...

Maybe you can help me understand whats going on...I was diagnosed 2 years ago with atypia complex hyperplasia. I opted out of having a full hysterectomy and instead chose the iud to reverse the cells. Even with the iud i still bleed daily. I had a d&c that showed no cancer. I go for a biopsy every couple of months but skipped my last. My last biopsy was summer 2015. A few months back I developed a pain in my back and side. Sometimes right sometimes left side where it hurt to even sleep. I went to my familt Dr and he suggested a CT scan with contrast and ultrasound.  When the results came back he told me i just needed to go back to my oncology gynecologist. I'm confused as to why he did not tell me more. On the records I mailed to MD Anderson the two things I was confused about  said Nonspecific low attenuating lesion on the left lobe becoming is isodense
Trace bilateral plural effusion with overlaying passive atelectectasis. Is the plural effusion perhaps the reason I have these weird random gasping for air. I thought nothing of it until I read that. I do have a frequent cough.
I still go to work everyday I just feel horrible by the time I get home and I have no energy.
Should I be concerned? What could these finding mean?
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