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Should I goto the Hospital ER or wait it out?

I have recently gotten sick. Some sort of upper respiratory infection. It's causing a lot of phlegm and mucus. Especially in the morning, I cough up a lot of sputum, greenish in color really sticky The problem here is I'm also just in remission from AML Leukemia so my blood counts haven't fully recovered. My ANC is lower than normal as well as my platelets. If I was to go to ER with this congestion do you think I'd be admitted? I just don't want to hang out with a lot of sick people and catch anything worse.
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I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis of AML Leukemia but am very happy to hear you are in remission!  Certainly that does change one's perspective on life and health.  And I understand your concern that you are still recovery with regards to your immune system and going to the Emergency Room.  That is a valid concern.  Would your personal doctor/general practitioner examine you in their office today?  That way, you can avoid other people that are ill exposing yourself to a host of things this season including the flu.  Secondary infections of the flu when you can't fight them off can be deadly.  Here is some information on staying well when your immune system is compromised:  https://www.webmd.com/cold-and-flu/features/weakened-immune-system#1.  You could go to the ER but wear a surgical mask to help protect yourself and take your own hand sanitizer.  I'd inform them that you are in recent remission and perhaps they have an area that they have for people in your situation to reduce germs.  Or they could take you straight back.  

You likely are getting over bronchitis and need antibiotics.  Your doctor is your best place to visit over the ER in my opinion and calling ahead could help you avoid the waiting room altogether.   Let us know how you are doing.  
Yeah, see the problem is my Doctor is so far away I see him bi-weekly. He done emailed me after I contacted him and updated him on the symptoms he suggested I go to ER and then let him know what they suggest. I'm just being stubborn at this time, I mean I haven't been running any temps and feel better during the day. It's just at night I feel worse and when I first wake up I have a lot of congestion and cough up a lot of sputum greenish in color and really sticky.

I'm only concerned with it turning into pneumonia, that's why I'm debating on going. I also didn't want to have to wait for hours just to be told I have an upper respiratory infection and then sent back home. Most of the congestion is in the upper part I think in bronchial tubes, from what I can hear using my stethoscope. Thanks for the advice. I think I might end up going just to be safe.
If your doctor recommended it, it may be for the best.  But do protect yourself.  Wear a mask before entering and while there, keep hands to yourself such as don't touch the chairs or magazines, bring your own pen to use, etc.  And bring hand sanitizer.  Explain your situation when you enter so they can isolate you a bit.  Please let us know how you are doing.
. Update: Currently woke up with a fever 102.3. So now dang go, I'm gonna go. I should have gone earlier. I'll update when I find out anything later tonight or morning.
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Sorry for the wording there, my computer twisted my words around.
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Sorry to hear about the fever.  I am sure any time that you've had a serious illness such as you have had, this makes you nervous.  Please let us know how the ER visit goes and we wish you the best.
Well I went to ER they pretty much told me what I already knew, the Doctor said the chest X-ray was ok. They took blood, Cultures, my sodium was low around 124 so they gave me IV Bolus. It was some sort of upper respiratory infection.

Then he did tell me I was clear of infections like pneumonia and such all the main ones I was concerned with. He then added a lactose lab blood draw to me on the bolus, to check for sepsis? I said well why didn't they check for that hours ago when they took my blood? I got the old run around answer no one knows, they never do.

Also, how can he tell me I'm good to go no serious infections before bolus, without even have checked for sepsis. I guess it came back good cause they finally released me around 3 AM. Crazy, however, I woke up with another fever 101.8 and also fever came back before I even got home. I don't get it. Now my right ear is clogged up and popping, lots of ringing in my ears and split-second hearing loss, along with minor pain. My heart -rate was high around 125 bpm.

I updated my doctor and he sent me some antibiotics here locally to pick up. I wanted him to take a second look at my x-ray just to make sure but he says he has no access to it. The doctor didn't even know the low side of a person's sodium and told me it was 130, when I looked it up it was 135. They never once asked me about my medication currently taking. Just an over-all weird hospital that is supposed to be the only A+ rated Hospital in the area. I'm not buying it. Sorry for the rant.

Thanks, Everyone.
Hi John, hopefully the antibiotics are doing their work as I write this and you have begun to feel better!
So far I'm doing a little better. Thanks everyone.
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