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Spirometry test results

I am a 30 yr old female weight of 128 and height of 5'3" My result were as follows  

                                          Pred                 Actual                 %Pred
FVC(L)                            3.65                       3.04                       83
FEV1                              3.09                        2.53                      82
FEV1/FEV(%)                    84                          83                        99
FEF 25-75%(L/sec)           3.40                        2.49                       73
FEF Max (L/sec)                6.85                       5.95                       87
Exppiratory Time (sec)                                     4.85

I was a smoker of ten years plus and I am currently one year tobacco free...   I was told I have moderate emphysema for someone my age.  I had a collapsed lung from Bullue on lung.  I am kinda nervous about hearing these test results.. I am not sure what I am looking at and dont have my follow up for a few more weeks yet to go over results... please help me figure this out....
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This site has a spirometry calculator:


I am not sure how it works really, but maybe would help.
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Actually your numbers look pretty good..A FEV1 and FVC of >80% is considered normal. What is interesting is that your FEV1/FVC ration is near 100%. That value is used to see if there is obstructive (like COPD) disease versus restrictive (like pulmonary fibrosis). Obstructive disease is seen with a FEV1/FVC ratio of less than 80%..so it looks like there is no real obstruction. But, I am not a doctor, so please take what I say lightly...just a fellow respiratory patient and ex nurse with her share of PFT's. Of course the best thing to do (which you are doing in a few weeks) is to see your doc and go over the results as he or she is familiar with your medical history and situation. Congrats on remaining tobacco free, I am sure that has helped. Hope this helps...Sunny
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