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Very ill. Can anyone give me advice?

Hello everyone.

Up until the 20th Oct 2019 I was a healthy 30 year old male who didn’t use any medication or have any illnesses. On the 20th October I received a flu jab for the first time in my adult life. 3 days later I started having some really bad pains in my chest which didn’t seem to be going away so I called nhs 24. They said my symptoms sounded like an injury of some sort and should be ok in a few days if not go to GP or hosp.

To cut a long story short it got no better, and since then I’ve been to the GP 15+ times, been to a&e, had multiple blood tests and chest x rays in the 3months and they can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong with me.

I have went from being healthy and on no medication.. to being told i had costochondritis, pericarditis, nerve damage and a few others along with being prescribed citalopram, naproxen, imeprazole, amoxicillin, clarithromycin and now amitriptyline.

I have been referred to the hospital respiratory department but have waited 2months already and don’t know how much longer it will be.

Out of all medications I have been given the only ones which worked are the antibiotics mainly clarithmorycin. I was on them for 2 weeks and I could feel my body getting better and the pains fading by the day. I then came off them for 1 week and all the pain returned it was excruciating. I then got another 2 week course which again made me feel better... it takes away mostly all symptoms apart from a dull aching pain in my left chest and left side of stomach but the pain is bearable, where as soon as i finish the antibiotics then pain starts getting worse daily.

The pain started in my left chest only, since it has moved to the left hand side of my stomach, especially when I sit or lie down.. my upper left back, and I am now having the same pain on the right side of my chest and upper back.

I feel trapped... I think I have an infection due to the fact I always seem to get better on anti biotics and when they finish it all comes back. Or maybe it is just masking the pain. However the hospital told me it was nothing when I went, and the GPS are having difficulty pin pointing what’s wrong with me.

I am in agony all day every day and feel like I can’t get the help I need. Can the hospital turn me away if I ask them to be admitted and tested etc? This post is my last resort. If anyone has an knowledge or experience on bad reactions to flu jab etc or on my symptoms they could share which may help me I would really appreciate it.

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drs do not care .they are not going to try to pinpoint this for you i dont know where you are from but there is something going around and i have watched my neighbors get it my family ,my coworkers .i found that essential oils in  a diffuser help treat the lungs.i found  that my son and i both have this and they told me it was because i was a smoker and that i had emphysema i have never smoked in my life.my son isnt even a teenager yet so i know that he does not smoke.we both got this at the same time .your gut is affected and that is why antibiotics help but wont work .you need to change your diet to boost your immune system it will help you to feel better.the thing of it is it is more of a fungal thing it  throws your gut off and bacteria from your skin is able to creep in things like strep pneumoniae ,staph aureus,and pseudomonas.i sent samples of all fluids to phage international .they tested them and i got confirmation on what i was seeing under my microscope.then i persauded drs in this country to test certain fluids and got confirmations .i am still battling to get fixed 5 years later life has been a living hell.my son has  to sleep 15 hrs a day his white cells are low my platlets are right on the line.listen to the people around you you may start to notice that many of them have the sniffles year round and a cough it ususally sounds the same it is distinct.also very red or purple faces .my drs just tell me what i have is rare and do nothing .well if all of my freinds and coworkers have it it is not rare they are just not diagnosing it .i have had freinds mysteriously die from a lung infection wich causes a heart attack some very young .my sons freinds parents are dropping dead from a lung infection at 38yrs ,35yrs  or heart attacks .many of them get swelling in thier feet or lower legs then arthritis .if you can get a bronchoscopy you should get the answer to what is in your lungs .they just dont seem to want to do one for me .or for my son.the best thing you can do is try to work with a naturopath m.d he can order many tests for you and they are covered by many insurances.it may lead to an answer .at any rate they can show you how to eat to boost your immune system and you will feel much better and with some luck you might be able to clear what is ailling you.
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Thanks for your response.
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You definitely have pericarditis?
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My doctor said it may be that so forwarded me to cardiac team and they said as both ECG showed up fine it is unlikely I have that. It definitely feels like an infection, anytime I am on antibiotics the pain fades daily and as soon as I stop it gets worse daily it’s really straining physically and mentally
An ekg is not a great test to rule it out.  Have you had a cardiac mri?
No I can’t seem to get any help I’ve been to a&e and they said nothings wrong, I even called nhs 24 yesterday and asked to be admitted and they said because out of hours service won’t be able to do much and passed me to emergency GP. I really feel like I should be in hospital getting tested and treated but can’t seem to get the help.
The pain since I stopped the anti biotics on Monday has gotten worse by the day everywhere in my body especially my left chest... painkillers do not work anymore. I had some spare co amoxiclav anti biotics by my bed and I took one and within one hour the constant pain on my left chest that I have had since Monday had gone within one hour. What does that mean? Why do the anti biotics keep helping
That was last nightt
It possible you have a pathogen.  Some antibiotics also have antiinflammaroty properties as well.  Do you have a cardiologist you can contact?
No I have no one. I feel very trapped. I called nhs 24 on Saturday and they put me on to an emergency GP. I have been to A&E today and nurses said because ecg and blood tests are fine I don’t have pericarditis or infection and Pretty much said I’m not an emergency as I’ve had the pain 3 months so I’m not dying and get your GP to deal with it. I was so angry and upset. They keep doing same tests.. bloods, ecg, chest x ray which all show up ok... I want to be kept in for more tests and treatmeant and I can’t get any help I am at breaking point can’t take much more.
My body’s condition is declining by the day
What is pathogen and how would that be treated?
A pathogen is antmy live foreign body that is disruptive.  Like a bad bacteria.  I think you should see your gp and ask to be seen by cardio.  Also they could order a broad spectrum antibiotic as well while you wait for cardio.
Is there any anti biotic you could suggest that you know of? I honestly think I have a bad infection and because I was untreated for 4/5 weeks whilst smoking cannabis daily etc has made it very hard to kill. I feel like I am going to die it’s scary
I have no idea what your cbc is... gram negative and gram positive are two broad classes.  Id try to do the strongest on with possinle steroid therapy alongside.
Do you think it’s possible that the flu jag has caused bacterial Costochondritis?
Well the flu can definitely cause an oppurtinistic pathogen to enter your body.  And costochondritis can easily be caused by this .  So in short, yes.
Could you tell me is there a difference between Costochondritis and bacterial Costochondritis? In beginning they said it may be Costochondritis  but I am convinced it is bacterial as how much pain disappears when I’m on antibiotics and starts returning daily and spreading as soon as I stop them. Thanks again
Its the same condition... its just in the case of of bacterial the etiology is known and so it can be easily treated.
Thanks you are very helpful. Is there any tests I can ask to be done to test for bacterial costochondritis as opposed to just costochondritis? I definitely feel this is what I have.. that’s why I am so upset because I feel it should have and could have been treated by now
Check you esr and crp and also do a cbc and see where you white cells are shifting.
Is that all things in my bloods? They have done bloods many times and said they are all fine.
Yeah its blood work.  Did they check those specifically?
I am not sure I would imagine so. I believe I asked them about my ESR and they said it should he anywhere between 1-6 and mine was 6. Can I have bacterial costochondritis without these showing in my bloods? It certainly does feel like my bones hurt but also sometimes my lungs and when I breath.
And the lining on left side on my stomach
It could be a number of things from:


Does it hurt more on inhalation or exhalation?

Is it difficult to catch your breath?

What is your heart rate?

Blood pressure?

You really need to see some specialists who are willing to listen.
Yes I agree but I really can’t seem to get the help. My gp is trying to help me but when I go to hospital they do bloods and chest x ray and send me home because they are ok.

I’d say maybe a little more in inhalation but sore on both. It’s worse in certain positions and when I lie down. Sometimes it’s really sore and sometimes not as sore.

My heart rate seems ok atm but sometimes does race. When I’m off anti biotics I get this pulsing pain below my left nipple possibly even the top left of my stomach and it’s agonising. When I take anti biotics that fades and fades until it stops.  They also done my blood pressure last time and said it was fine.

I am really hating life atm and really do appreciate you taking the time to write and trying to help me. Thanks
Basically when off anti biotics I am in excruciating pain all over. Apart from right side of stomach. Right now I am self medicating with spare anti biotics to ease the pain which I can’t believe I have to do
Ps excruciating pain all over my torso. Not legs arms or anywhere else
If its worse when you lie down my first reaction is pericarditis.

Im assuming your in the uk?

How old are you?

You can pm if you prefer this to not be public.
Yes I am 30 Y/O and from UK.

I’d say when I’m off anti biotics the pain is always agony there is no worse or better. Even every left step I take when I’m out my bed, that pulsing pain on my left just intensifys. And I know I’ve said it a lot already but when start anti biotics that pain and a lot of the rest disappear
And get better daily almost as if I can feel my body repairing. I’ve done 7 courses of anti biotics but the most I’ve done at one time is 2 weeks. I know bacterial costochondritis should initially be treated with antibiotics by the vein followed by 3 weeks oral course so I thought maybe that is what I need
Before the flu jag 3 Months ago I was fit healthy,
No illnesses, no medications, could do all sports and physical activity.
Now I lie in bed all day in pain, feeling nauseas and can’t move my body sharply or swiftly without pain
The reason I think maybe bacterial Costco is because for the first 2 months or so it was all left. But then after the right side of my lower chest started having similar pains
I think the best thing is to schedule with a pulmonologist and cardiologist... i think in the ul pulmonologists are called respiratory physicians... the fact that it resolves with antibiotics is very reassuring.  But taking random antibiotics isn't safe and can make the infection worse.
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Pathogen is another word for bacteria.  Different antibiotics are better suited to treat different types of bacteria (or pathogens).  Sometimes doctors guess and give you one and if it fails, they need to switch it.  What about pleurisy?  This can cause pain like this.  https://www.webmd.com/lung/understanding-pleurisy-basics.  It can be bacterial or fungal.  It's also treatable and very common.
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Yes so he treated me with 10 days of amoxicillin 4/5 weeks into the illness getting worse. The pains faded daily and by day 10 I felt great. 2 days after I stopped the pains started coming back below my left nipple.

I would not be surprised if it is pleurisy, however I have now done 5 weeks in total of anti biotics (granted only done 2 weeks and 1 week at a time) and think that would clear Pleurisy? But I do smoke cannabis everyday and thought maybe that is staggering the recovery when on anti biotics?
Does anyone know how much it would cost roughly for a private CAT scan? I know I will not be able to afford but maybe I could pay it up over time
Or how much it costs for a bronchoscopy?
Well, ya.  You need to stop smoking.  Give it a rest.  For sure!  Can't imagine how much a CAT scan or bronchoscopy is out of pocket. I would try to go dry from smoking, clean up, clean out.  Talk to your doctor.  Amoxicillin is fine and all but you could be resistant and need actually augmentin which has clavulanate added.  I don't know.  But before you spend thousands or go in debt over it, I'd try to cure  through more antibiotics and giving up smoking.  
Thanks for your advice. I know I need to stop smoking I’m just addicted, I try so much not to but being stuck in my bed in the same environment everyday does not help. I have some Co Amoxiclav here which I switched from to clarithmorycin so I have been taking them since Saturday and it definitely eases the pain again. That’s what makes me think I have an infection, but it’s very hard to convince my GP when I’ve already have 4 weeks of clarithmorycin and I still have the pain that’s my problem
And also it’s not showing on my bloods or chest x ray etc
Okay, well.  Your best bet is to stop smoking as best you can to start.  Give that a chance to help you and that in itself could make the difference.  I understand being addicted but do what you can.  
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