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What is causing my cough/hoarseness/sore throat/spasms?

Coughing is set off when I eat, laugh, tilt head back, bend over, gonoutside in cold or in an overheated environment. Cough comes with grainy mucus that cannot cough up and the blockage causes laryngospasms. Eventually swallow the mucus. (Have tried all traditional thinning methods - hydration, medication, natural remedies). Voice permanently hoarse. Top left of throat permanently sore (poss vocal fold?) and throat generally is tickly but no infection there. Had chest infection which is now clear. Blue asthma inhaler caused coughing and laryngospasms so was stopped. Steroids helped the original chest problems but don’t help the “new” post-chest infection cough so were stopped. Been prescribed omeprazole twice a day, but again, no help. Had fungal infection in mouth and throat as antibiotic complication which has now been under control for a couple of weeks. Exhausted all the time and at wit’s end as to what this could be given antibiotic, steroid and GERD therapy failed. Chest infection phased started with diarrhoea and sick feeling and the chest infection lasted a month. This second cough/irritated windpipe/spasm phase is five weeks in - upper lungs still have dull ache and dr says there is still a crackle in top right of lung but there seem to be no answers. I need to get back to work and real life so any insight would be welcome please.
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