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Wheezing in upper/lower throat

I have had a cough and wheeze in my throat for about 2 years now! I have seen GP's, Consultants, had chest xrays, bloods, ENT scopes down my nose, endoscopy, steroid inhalers, asthma inhalers, allergy medication yet NOTHING stops this horrible tickle in my throat which makes me cough!

My wheeze is like there is something stuck in my throat! I take my ventolin blue inhaler and the wheeze goes for about a day then the next morning its back again! I have taken medication for reflux which did nothing!

The cough wakes me up at night and I am truly fed up with the whole situation! I am 37 female and I smoke! Yes I know this could contribute to it, I stopped smoking a few months ago and the issue was still there! The cough is 70% a dry cough with a tickle that literally makes my eyes water, the cough gets so bad it feels like I am going to sick!

Anyone had the same! I live with 2 cats and the Respiratory consultant says its cat allergies and not lung cancer which is what I fear this is!
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