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White Foam - Chest Cough - Choking

I'm going to give a breif History. Therefore you can easily see whats been happening, plus changes over the 6 Months.

Location -Sydney Australia
Feb 2008 - Had inflamed Glands Stiff Neck, difficulty swallowing, Took Antibiotics.
Feb - Than had two episides of Heart Burn.
Mar - Started spitting out White Foamy Mucus each morning, someimtes paste.
Mar - Woke up with my neck full of WHite foam.paste and had to goto Hospital. Told it might be Acid Reflux, given Somac. Also had blocked nose area and difficult swallowing.
April- Saw specialist, ENT, said everything looks fine and didn't worry too much about my concern, white mucus choking me in the morning, THough gave me nasal steroid.
May- Gave up on doctors and took cough medicine and shower morning and nigt to clear throat. Continued with all Medication as required.
June - Moved out of Sydney. But continused again as May. Not much changed. Most Doctors didn't seem to share my concern. but my neck was no longer as stiff and easily swallow at last.
July - Symptoms changed, I now had a clear nose for once and my neck was not stiff!! YAY! Morning as well I didn't seem to have to get the white mucus out.
July - Seemed good, but then my lungs felt like they were filling up with Mucus, and then I choked, the mucus wouldn't move and I was taken to Hospital, after it cleared, I had more than HALF a days worth of White mucus pouring out of my mouth.
July - Went to another ENT, said throat looks good etc... again not concerned about the white Foam that is causing my choking issues.
July - Was admitted to Hospital again for the same reasons, this time THey haev set up a Respiratory Specialist that I will see soon I hope.

Had been waking up spitting out and clearing in the shower each morning then
Now, I have to cough after swallowing sometimes, and then mucus or the white foam gets stuck over my voice box. Of which instead of choking, just sits on my choking point, and at times if I cough, it blocks my air way. So I just don’t cough, get in shower and wait, most times after spitting out white foam, I can talk again, and then feel better but also still difficulty breathing a little, perhaps panic.
Any help here would be appreciated.
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I have had a simular problem ever since I was about 15, I'm 32 now and no doctor or emergency room I have ever been to for it can tell me anything more than asthma or bronchitis.  So I caugh up foam every morning and literally feel like I'm going to choke to death and have blacked out before and hit my head on the toilet from caughing so bad. But I've just learned to live with it. I really appreciate seeing other people discussing the same symptoms, it give me hope to finally fix this problem before it chokes me out.
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I have thè same problems I'm 22yrs old and I been having problem with heartburn , white foam, mucus and hard time breathing because of the mucus .. My throat gets swollen at times and I don't know of its could me acid reflex because i take tums and it don't really help my nose gets stuffy at times :/ even when I eat my it's hard for me to swollow my food I have to spite it out because I would have mucus plugs ... Help me pls would can I do ????
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Thanks for these two comments! Its now been another 4 months of ups and downs.

hessjx it seems that I also have had similar symptoms but did not get the Shingles.

At present, I must say I'm feeling much much better than I was before, though last week was placed back in Hospital for 2 days while I coughed and splattered my way through 48 hours of fun, still having no real answer as to why!

My CT scans came up good! But this is very weird. Before I start getting all this white foamy **** into my airways, I always have a blocked nose first, of long stringy white jelly mucus! What the heck is that??? Yeah, nasal sprays melt it down but it melts into my airways and then,,, loose my voice so that doesn't work too well.

After seeing countless doctors too each having there own idea, even took anxiety pills (which I hoped worked), but being Buddhist anyway, when these things happen I stay calm, so now they are convinced its not anxiety related! But I could have told me that,, and my heart rate to (if they looked at that closer).

So I've done Reiki often and I've also done this strange thing called Body Talk!! Both of these have helped enormously!

Anyone who has these problems, I really recommend alternative medicine. DO I know why it worked? No! But that doesn't matter! And anyway, the coming age of Quantum Physics is starting to shake up the medical industry! If anyone has read much about what its telling us, your able to be more likely to heal yourself through mindfulness’ (not just relaxed meditation). SO with all this Alternative stuff I'm doing I'm actually doing exercise again and you name it! I think the mould spores may be an issue, as I seem to get this when I move to a different house.

Bring on the Hybrid of Quantum Physics and the Medical Industry now! Otherwise The Pharm companies won't last this century. If you’re a doctor reading this, please next time your are unsure of a diagnosis because it wasn’t covered in your training or there are no chemical drugs to treat something,,, you should recommend Alternative Medicine. Otherwise like me I just kept on going back to so many doctors never getting better and I frustrated the hell out of them for that.

I'll post again in four months... Hopefully then I can say all the White foam has gone and is never coming back.

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I am sorry that I don't have any help for you, however I have had similar symptoms with the white foam issue.  Mine started a couple of months ago.  I had unilateral swelling of the face.  I had swelling and tenderness on the left side of my neck.  At the same time, my left nasal passage completely swelled closed.  My left eye also swelled.

The first diagnosis was sinusitis--even though I insisted to the doc. that I had not had any symptoms of sinusitis.  She refused to do a sinus x-ray and gave me some steroid nasal spray and eye drops.

I have now seen 8 docs--the truth is that none of them know what is going on.  At one point the submandibular salivary gland swelled and became very tender.  It later went away.  I also developed shingles on the left side of my face including my eyelids, but I really feel that is secondary to whatever else is going on.

I have seen 3 G.P.'s, an ENT, a neurologist, opthalmologist, my dentist, and an oral surgeon.

The left side of my face remains swollen, and I still have the white foam--No pain.
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See if you have a candida yeast invasion in your body. Also, mold spores could cause this.
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