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cold feet , cough, shortness of breath and tingly hands.

Every time I get a mild cold (like I have now,) my feet become extremely cold (sometimes wet) and my hands get a tingly sensation (also on lips).

I went to the doctor once with this symptoms and he put something on my finger and said oxygen saturation was fine, also listened to my lungs and all ok.

What could it be? I know that when I get home from work and get my cold in hot water it'll go away.

Had a CBC come back normal too. My arms are not too tense, and I don't feel anxious at all.
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Cold and tingly exterminates can indicate poor blood circulation.  You doctor measured you oxygen saturation level (finger device) and listened to your heart, and I'm sure checked your blood pressure (likely a nurse did some of that in preparation for the doctor).  How is your blood pressure?  You heart rate?  Either or both being low could also cause more sensitivity to temperatures.  

Do you experience any shortness of breath or dizziness?  

Wear warm socks comes to mind, don't know where you live but NJ/USA is getting cold now...and being an older person I too am more sensitive to cold air.
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When you start to feel tingly,(minus hx of CHF) sometimes we subconsciously begin breathing in a way as to cause hyperventilating.a simple paper bag over the mouth/nose and slowly breathe making a point to recognize you'rer either sporadic breathing or focus on steady even breaths.if you have been hyperventilating you will soon feel better,no more dizziness,tingling and should it become an issue,one of two things,learn to focus your breathing as through your job was to control your body yet also blow the flame from the candle next,if this chronic,you need to seek a counselor for panic attacks.even though is it an aversion to some to seek counsel,what is most important,your pride or health. Be always blessed with God's grace.
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