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common cold ?

Hello so far for almost 2 wks ive had a cold and cough it first started off as your general common cold or possable sinus infection ? had runny nose ,pressure in forehead, itchy raw throat , sneezing, and a little bit of acheyness and a dry cough when i first started to cough i coughed up some greenesh brown phlem . as the days went by my cough started to sound like i was gargling, and nothing else was coming up, i would feel my chest rattle . then i noticed my right eye having pressure in it. it comes and goes . Anyways now its been over a week in half my cough seems to be weird one day it can be dry and then all of the sudden sound like im gargling when i cough. but like i said nothing comes up . my rib cage feels tender ,my nose runs one day and then stops and gets dry and then back to runny . now my ears are popping . i also noticed sometimes at night i wake up coughing ,or early in the morning after i awake . when i laugh sometimes i start coughing . i havent really noticed any breathing problems . i am a smoker ive been smoking on and off since i was 13 yrs old and i am now 33 yrs old . i also did have a bad upper resp. infection with bronch.  a cpl of yrs ago but really havent had anything like that since then .

I dont know if this has anything to do with it or not but i have been having problems on my left side of my ribcage. in my back side and front i would get pains ,sometimes they felt as though i had stitches inside and others like a dull ache or sharp stabbing pain. i also noticed i do have a lump of some sort on my ribcage at the bottom i told my doc about it and he said its possabley cartilage build up. and wasnt really concerned about it . i still have pains in my back at the bottom base of my ribs sometimes i cant turn it hurts to turn. ive been having this for the last 3 yrs now with my ribs , my doc has told me it could be muscle thing or my ribs popping out of place, or maybe arthritus in the ribcage , but really hasnt giving me a solid diag. always it could be this or could be that ! lets put u on this or lets put u on that ! im actually getting tired of it !

Anyways does this sound like a common cold or possibly more ? should i wait it out more to see if it goes away ?
thank you for whoever answers my post !
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These are my mothers exact symptoms. It was bronchitis at first but afterward the dr. blamed it on her mild  COPD from smoking most of her life.
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I have had this type of a flu and its been a month and i don't think
i have really recovered from it.  But i took amoxil for a week because
it is a bronchitis infection.  Then start taking vitamin c in a powder form and echnicia helps.  Drink at least 6 glasses of water and try doing
yoga ie breathing exercises.
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hi i would just like to share my experience. i only take forever living bee propolis and absorbent C to help strengthen my immune system against cough,colds, flu and respiratory problems. hope this info helps. for any inquiries you can email me at [email protected],com glad to help
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