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diving post lung lobectomy

i am 4 mnths post op for a lung lobectomy, whole top right lobe removed. it was for stage 1a cancer, biopsy says no more cancer. did have a complication with a lung hernia, lung used to poke out a little on my side, it has since resolved itself…..i am improving all the time, doing gym work (weights) and started light jogging.

i wonder in time would it be ok to go scuba diving ,…wouldn't be doing it for a year or two yet though….before my op my surgeon here in singapore said should be able…i was and still am a pretty fit guy, infact i used to be a commercial diver (air an saturation) until about 15 years ago….i would still like to go sport scuba diving though and snorkelling….(what are good exercises to build up my breath holding for snorkelling / free diving)

so, so you think scuba diving is ok or just taking silly chances???
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It is quite likely that you will be able to resume SCUBA diving  in a year or two, without undue risk but I would strongly recommend that before you initiate such efforts you consult with a physician respiratory specialist (Pulmonologist), one with an avid interest in Sports Medicine who him or herself is a diver.  It should be possible to identify such a person through a local scuba organization or through the American Medical Society of Sports Medicine - AMSSM (http://www.amssm.org/).

When you are finally “approved” to dive, it would be wise to approach it “gingerly” in a very safe controlled environment with professional supervision.

I very much hope that you will be able to resume diving.

Good luck
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Hello, I see no reason why you shouldn't be able to continue diving much like your surgeon said. As far as exercises I suggest cardio so that your lungs and diaphragm are exercised with the deep breathing required during such.
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thanks Chris, kind of alines with what i thought especially re the exercise.

my main concerns wet things like:
1.  what if the lung hasn't fully filled the void space left by the removed lobe (top r lobe removed) leaving an airspace, would that pocket of air just compress on descent and then expand again on ascent?…should be ok right if there are no leaks from the lung going on into that space

2. i had a post op complication, a lung hernia. where the lung would sometimes protrude a little out my side (i guess it came out the old incision point for the drain and was coming out between the ribs) any way doc said not to worry it will probably resolve itself, which it has seemed to have done. i used to strap my ribs with a bandage to keep it in and give it a chance to heal. it seems to have worked, i haven't strapped up for a month now and no more profusion so far. My fear is that that spot could be forever a weak point that may rupture again at some future stage if i were not careful about heavy lifting / straining etc…….would expansion/ contraction of the lung during diving cause extra stress to this area, or would it eventually be healed closed as good as new?

3. The point where the lobe was removed and stapled (or however they close it off again to make it airtight)…Is this forever a weaker point of the lung that could be stressed by heavy lifting or diving and rupture or leak? (they actually had to remove a tiny bit of the middle lobe as well as the top lobe had adhered to it.

thanks for your previous reply. It's very helpful to receive  a docs opinion on this. i hope you can comment again on the above 1 day if you could spare the time. Thank you again
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