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green phlemg more info

I just posted a question regarding coughing and green phlemg...I forgot to mention I do not smoke and never did.  My asthma was diagnosed in the last two yrs.  Late Onset Asthma.  went to er with tight chest & trouble breathing cardiac workup done but neg. but asthma test were done and confirmed asthma.  Thanks again.  I'm coughing green balls as I write this...Help!
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Green phlegm usually, although not always, indicates infection.  This phlegm could be coming from your sinuses and/or your lungs.  It would be unrelated to your lupus.  It may be a sign of a non-infectious, hypersensitivity or allergic problem such as allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (ABPA).

To find out what could be wrong your phlegm needs to be carefully examined, both under a microscope and by culture.  It should be cultured for bacteria, fungi and mycobacteria.  A CT scan of your chest may show if there is another problem effecting your lungs.
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