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  i am 26 year old male , i developed wheezing in my throat after doing execise for about 4 months duration and i also has persistant dry cough for years  and  i also develop mild attack of cough after exercise. can this be so-
mething dangerous like a tumour in larynx? help me doctors. thanx alot

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I am not a doctor, but you should see a lung specialist.  It sounds like either asthma or vocal cord dysfunction (VCD) or both.  VCD is pretty harmless and more a nuisance than anything else.  That could be the cause of the wheezing in your throat.

I am more concerned about the cough after excercize which sounds like exercise induced asthma.

You really need to have this evaluated by a doctor to determine what is going on and find effective treatment.

Take care and God bless.
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thanks alot and god bless you.
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