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Can't sleep at night at all...

Hello, this is my first posting here.

I've been having pain / numbness in my legs for a couple of months now. It is a strange feeling and I never had this before. Did see a doctor. She ordered CBC and LFT. Reports came back normal. So, she told me not to worry. But, it's been really troublesome for me. I can't get sleep and it is affecting my work now.
Any guidance for direction will be appreciated. Please post your opinions.
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How did it start ? Any underlying cause ?
Thanks for asking. On a vacation tour to France. I stayed there for about 2 weeks. Was alone there, so did have some happy ending massages. But, only oral.
Well, I can tell you that you are free of any STD's since it was only oral. Worst case scenario... Check for HSV 1 after 5 weeks of contact. Other than that I would say you are totally fine. It could be just an anxiety that is causing you all the problems or you could have a twitch nerve. I would say give it some time don't worry about the incident I am sure all your symptoms will fade away.
Yes, thank you for the response. But, I don't understand what's going on. Worst period of my life. Can I do specific tests to find out what's going on.
Hello, just a follow up question. Can HTLV be transmitted by sucking boobs?
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Unless that person was infected and you sucked her nipple for long period of time then yes there is a possibility but i highly doubt because it is very low... are you sure that person has HTLV ? if you do not know for sure if that person is positive dont play these assumption games...it will just create more symptoms in your body. Beside that HTLV symptoms does not show up for many years. You can also do a serologic test for the peace of mind. It is very accurate.
Thank you. This is reassuring.
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