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There is a cause and cure for RLS

Doctors don’t know the cause and cure of RLS; I have a hypothesis for the cause, and I have a simple and effective cure.
First, the cure.
Lie down or sit, keep your legs straight, pull your toes toward you and then stretch your toes away from you; Repeat dozens of times.
Then, snap your first and second toes; repeat dozens of times.
Then stand with feet apart, jump dozens of times, be sure to raise your heel first, then your front ball of foot, then toes.
Do these a few times a day.
You can also do these while standing, just lift one leg and do it, hold something with your hand so you won’t fall.
You should do these even if you don't suffer RLS. They are the best exercises for everyone.
If You have a sound sleep tonight, congratulation;
If this doesn't help, I’m sorry, I can’t help you, you might need magnesium or iron or whatever.

Now the cause.
There is no disease involved; it is simply a sign of the degeneration of our feet and legs.
Our ancestor have been running around on four legs for millions of years, and when you run on four legs, you engage your front balls and toes all the time. And when you move your front balls and toes, those related muscles give your lower leg a deep massage and keep your legs healthy. I’m sure our ancestor didn’t suffer RLS.
Now, we don’t run on four legs anymore, we don’t even run on two legs, we sit all day, and when we walk, we walk on our heels. Our feet and legs are dying before our heart and brain, And RLS is simply the sign of dying or degeneration of our legs. Our left leg usually suffer worse than right leg, why? because we do exercise our right foot while driving.
So exercise your feet and toes, you not only help yourself, you will do a big favor to later generations.
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I have suffered from this for years, sometimes it subsides, but comes back. I don't just have it in my legs - also arms, and when really bad, my torso.

I have low iron, at times severely low. I have had to have blood transfusions multiple times and a ferritin infusion once. It helped a great deal. My hemoglobin has been normal recently for the first time in years, so was perplexed as to why I am having rls. My internist said hemoglobin can be normal, but ferritin low, so she tested it Monday. Sure enough - low. So I am taking iron again. Apparently an infusion wouldn't be covered by my insurance with my hemoglobin normal.

I've tried every med there is, but the only one that has helped at all is clonidine. And only at fairly high doses. I would do ANYTHING to get this helped! And I have so many other serious diseases and problems - MS, Systemic Sclerosis, Pulmonary Hypertension, Diabetes, Hypothyroid, Hyperparathyroid, Spinal stenosis and other spine problems - on and on. But RLS is the WORST!

This is my first time visiting this site - I normally hang out in the MS and pain communities. So hello fellow sufferers - I hope to learn from you. Blessings.
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There is one thing that worked for me consistently , every time. Cannabis. I do not like the mental effects/high. It subsides within 20 minutes. I only use it when going to bed, so I can get over the R L and sleep. 2 puffs is all it takes. Within 5 minutes R L is gone. Every time. Leagh
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RLS is neurological. It's also prevelant in Fibromyalgia as well as IBS. Both of these conditions are neurological. It's called central sensitivity syndrome.


Low iron can indeed make RLS worse. My blood count was fine but ferritin very low. I have IBS so I could not tolerate the oral iron.

I ended up seeing a hematologist and got  an all day iron infusion. It immediately helped and was I able to get off the Mirapix.

Interestingly, I think my Aunt has had the iron infusions but not the RLS. My BIL is her hematologist so he can't tell me if this is correct. My aunt refuses to talk about her health. My sister kind of hinted that she got the iron infusion.

I was wondering about this being inherited. I had never heard of 'genetic' type iron depletion.  I will have to look into this.

Thanks. That was very helpful.
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I would like to know some serious products known to be effective in tx of RLS. I have heard on occasion now they are looking at an Iron deficiency to be a possible cause for RLS but my understanding is it has to do with possibly an iron deficiency 'genetic' type depletion as to how your body is processing iron?? rather then a nutritional intake depletion for lack of proper amount of iron....if I am explaining it proper...I also have cognitive and verbal expression problems due to the a Topamax/Topiramate I take for seizures.
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This is the ONLY thing that has worked for me besides Hydrocodone and marijuana. Since I dont like the effects of either and I KNOW one of the two is definitely addicting - I use Neupro. Since I started with Neupro, I have not had RLS a single night, less I forget to apply a new patch.  
Now - if you don't have health insurance - Hang it up unless you have about $220 per 42 patch box. One of the most awesome feelings in the world is, in the beginning of taking the Neupro, I could feel the RLS symptoms, but they were like  faint whisper and I never had the cramps. After one week of everyday use - the faint whisper of RLS was gone.  let us know how it worked for you.
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good effort. but i think you missed it juuuuust a bit.
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