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Confused about the disease activity

I am a 25 year female who was diagonized with RA in 2013 after having mild pain in shoulder followed by swelling in the ankle. I went to see a Rheumatologists within a month. The doctor took complete blood tests to see my RF- 54 and Anti-CCP- 40 and others blood tests were normal. He put me in 15mg of MTX and Hydroxycholorquine 200 and Folic acid 5mg tablets. After the first incident on 2013 that I had no flare, no morning stiffness. I continued and still continuing those medications. Recently, in April 2016, I took up blood test to see that my RF factor went to 34 whereas my Anti CCP rocketed to 453 UI/ml CRP is 0.463 (normal). Still I don’t find any flare or morning stiffness. Since the CRP was less the internal medicine doctor said there are no inflammations however it is better to consult my Rheumatologist.
I am clueless of sharp increase of my anti CCP value and decrement of RF factor. Is this something serious to be taken care regarding the change of medications? Is my disease evolving?
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I'm sorry no one has answered you until now. It is the type of disease that continues to change, evolve. You're so young to have been diagnosed with this. I have had RA for over four years now, but for a decade before my official diagnosis, my immune system was all over the place, attacking my ovaries, my adrenal glands, muscles, intestinal tract, nervous system, just jumping from here to there, and never staying in one place very long. I was left with a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and doctors telling me that it would eventually settle into one or two areas of the body. It finally did settle into my joints in 2012. It could have been worse, though. Lupus is no fun, for example. Please keep going to your Rheumatologist and Primary Care. Your best bet is to stay on top of it, try different treatments to keep those blood tests as close to normal as possible. I hope your immune system makes up its mind on where it wants to settle down for you a lot sooner than it did me, dear! I hope you're not still on the Methotrexate, however. It is not really meant to be used for very long term. But definitely consult your Rheumatologist! And keep us posted on your progress! Best of luck to you!
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