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Does my RA diagnosis sound correct or could this be a different autoimmune disorder?

I’m sorry in advance for the lengthy post. I was diagnosed with mild RA several weeks ago but I’m not sure my symptoms fit with everything I’ve read about RA. I am not in denial, if anything I’m happy to finally have an answer, it’s just that I don’t experience several things that appear to be “classic” symptoms. This is what I’ve experienced...I started having pain in my left hand (MCP and PIP joints) about 4 years ago and also had slight tingling so I thought I had a nerve issue and got an EMG, which was negative. Sometime over the next 6 months - 1 year the same pain started on my right hand (same joints as left). I also have pain in both of my wrists and my right knee (years later, still only the right). I also have pain in both of my elbows and shoulders, much less frequently than the previously mentioned locations. I also experience popping and catching of the joints of my ring and pinkie fingers (both hands) periodically. Around 2 years after the pain started, my PCP ran bloodwork for some autoimmune stuff, including RA, and all of that came back normal (they didn’t check for CCP). I also have anxiety and see a psychiatrist for that, and after my bloodwork came back normal, she put me on amitriptyline for the pain, which basically eliminated the pain at a very low dose. Given the response to the TCA and that I have anxiety, my PCP told me my anxiety could be causing physical symptoms, suggested fibromyalgia, and didn’t offer much else. The pain eventually started again but was relieved by increasing the amitriptyline, which I had to do several more times over the past year and a half. I went back to my PCP again a few months ago and she realized that they didn’t check my CCP and ran that, which came back as a low positive (positive range was 3 and above which I know is not typical, mine was 6.9). She also ordered a hand x-ray which showed periarticular osteopenia and slight joint space narrowing. I was (and continue to be) very anemic, I was vitamin D deficient, and I had one abnormal (elevated) TSH test (I know that’s unrelated but thought it couldn’t hurt to mention) that was normal on a repeat test. I recently saw a rheumatologist (video visit) and explained my symptoms. She didn’t think anything was wrong with me because my CCP was low and my ESR was normal the 2 times it was checked, and she told me that she’d monitor my bloodwork. When I asked her if she had seen my x rays, she acknowledged that she hadn’t, took a look at them and said “it’s probably mild RA” but said that I didn’t have to start medication, but that if I wanted to I could (I chose to start plaquenil). I trust the rheumatologist but what doesn’t seem to fit about an RA diagnosis is that I have never had swollen joints, I have only minor stiffness in my hands (if at all - although I notice very minimal stiffness now, I’m not sure if that’s only because I think something is “wrong” with me - I never noticed stiffness when I thought this was something insignificant or  fibromyalgia), and my pain doesn’t seem to improve with movement and activity. To add to my confusion over the diagnosis, I’m not sure if these symptoms are cyclical - although I know the pain wasn’t constant at the beginning, since I’ve been on the amitriptyline the pain has seemed dependent on the amitriptyline dose and always stopped when I upped the dosage. My question is, can I have RA that is (seemingly) affected by amitriptyline, that doesn’t cause swollen joints, and that causes almost no stiffness? I really don’t know the first thing about RA so any input or advice is much appreciated.
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