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Elevated ASO titer

HI.....My name is Lisa, I am 39 and I just found out that I have an elevated ASO titer......I have done some research but I am still in the dark about what this means for me!! I have been having a myriad of symptoms for a few years now that I am seeing a rheumy for on Monday (3/10) they include: extreme fatigue, muscle aches, joint aches (mainly my knees) hair loss, frequent dizziness, frequent headaches, numbness/tingling in my fingers/toes, cold fingers/toes, sunburn type rash in the v area of my chest, sunburn type rash on my cheeks and over the bridge of my nose,

My PCP suspected Lupus and ran a bunch of blood work....it came back that I am B-12 deficient & Vit D deficient and my ANA was neg (no big surprise) lol but I found out my ASO came back high (don't have a number was just told that it was high).

I will say that a few years back I had some sort of "attack" that was called a Strep attack. It attacked every joint in my body....I couldn't move without pain at all!!! It started on a Friday morning and ended sometime on a Sunday evening.....it was horrible......don't know if this is relevant to anything but I just thought I'd mention it!!

Thanks in advance for any insight anyone can give me!!

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The information you provided about the streptococcal infection few years back is very relevant. Antistreptolysin O (ASO) titer is a blood test to measure antibodies against streptolysin O, a substance produced by group A Streptococcus bacteria. This test is done if you have a previous infection by group A Streptococcus.The ASO antibody may be found in the blood weeks or months after the strep infection has gone away.
It is used to assist in the diagnosis of scarlet fever, rheumatic fever or Rheumatic arthritis. Discuss with your Doctor.
The answer is based on information provided. Exact advice is not possible without a proper examination and investigations. You are requested to consult your Doctor. Take care and keep us posted.
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Hey 2johndeereboys,

Hi Lisa.

Most of your symptoms could be explained , just by the B12 and D3.
Your body will never function properly without these 2 vitamins.

Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms:

unusual fatigue,
faulty digestion,
no appetite, nausea,
loss of menstruation.
numbness and tingling of the hands and feet,
nerve pains,
depression (from mild to psychotic),
striking behavioural changes,
abnormal or hyperactive reflexes,
abnormal coordination,
impaired short term memory,
impaired gait,
impaired vision,
incontinence and frequent need to urinate,
weakness and loss of muscle strength,
inadequate melatonin metabolism leading to poor sleep
frequent upper respiratory infections,
enlargement of the mucous membranes of the mouth, tongue, vagina, and stomach,
pernicious anemia,
low platelet count and increased bleeding,
neutropenia (low neutrophils )

And D3 deficiency symptoms:

General muscle pain and weakness
Muscle cramps
Joint pain
Chronic pain
Weight gain
High blood pressure
Restless sleep
Poor concentration
Bladder problems
Constipation or diarrhea

The list of the diseases associated with these 2 deficiencies is long!!!
Cancer of all types, numerous autoimmune diseases, MS, diabetes,
Fibromyalgia, CFS, Parkinson's, RA, Psoriasis, heart disease, Depression,
Bipolar, memory loss, Alzheimer's, infertility and on and on!

Dr Wanjari, explained the elevated ASO titre well, which by the way may  not be your biggest issue. The above deficiencies are probably of higher priority. Your immune system is very compromised and you are very vulnerable to suffer from any of the aforementioned possible associated diseases, depending on your own genotype and phenotype, because of these deficiencies.

My suggestion without meaning to alarm you unnecessarily, is to get them corrected them  PROPERLY and  ASAP, before any serious and irreversible damage is experienced!!!
It is of utmost importance to put a top priority, without wasting any time
for further investigation at this time.
If you need details as of how to approach this , please let me know.

I hope this helps, however, this is not intended as substitute for medical advice.

Wish you well.

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My aso titer is 939 and has been for a year at least. My mycroplasma pneumonia is 149 should be less than 100? I ave had little rashes on my stomac and back. They look like little bite marks. Sometimes they don't itch, but never go away. It is a painful itch and has been going on for at least 3 months. Dermo said dry skin, nope... Dr said yeast fungus in the gut.. Nope. Any suggestions?.
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My name is Jason, I was misdiagnosed with RA ten years ago.  I have all the symptoms you have described.  I had all the vitamin deficiencies u have describe.  Low B12, extremely low vit. D, low potassium, low iron with extreme anemia.  My ASO levels have always been high and my RA factor has always stayed in the between 60-80 range.  I'm 39 and have had these symptoms since early teens.  Through years of test, personal research, and a lot of pain and suffering.  I finally have the true diagnosis.  Syringomyelia.  Have you ever had an MRI of your neck and or base of your brain?
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I've been having the same symptoms since 2 years now. Raised ASO. Last year I had severe pain in my hip joint which went away with pain killer . I didnt experience that pain again. Its been a year but whenever I tale my blood tests the ASO titre is high as it was before and few bit deficiencies. I've taken many doses of them.the doctors have not yet been able to dingoes that what's the reason behind raised aso where as I'm perfectly fine physically I don;t feel anything worng but the blood tests show vice versa I'm really worried about this some say it's is due to streptococcal infection in my throat but the ENT doctor doesnt  recommend the surgery .my age is 18
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Hi, my name is also Lisa. I’m 36 and you’ve basically described me for the last 3years. My aso is 3970!! Did you ever get to the bottom of it?
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