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RA symtom

does RA flare up and then calm down? does it go through cycles?
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"What Triggers Flares:  Common triggers seem to be sensitivity to particular foods, falls or physical traumas, exposure to environmental toxins like cigarette smoke or industrial pollution, and infections, she says."  [ arthritis.org ]

My suggestion:  eat healthy (esp. leafy green veggies) and aim for achieving mid-way into a healthy BMI (height / weight ratio)
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Hi and Welcome to our RA Community.

Yes RA can and often does wax and wane. Ppl can experience nasty flares and than almost be SX (symptom) free. It's the nature of the beast.

How often this occurs can have a variety of reasons. Usually - not always - the better control of your RA the less extreme the flares. Sadly it doesn't always matter if you're well controlled - you'll still have flares.

Weather often plays a big part in one's pain level with RA. Again the degree can vary.

I hope we've been helpful. If you have specific questions - or require clarification please feel free to ask.

I hope to hear more from you and wish you well.

Take Care,
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Thank you! This was very helpful as I was exposed to some clients smoking the other day and suddenly became very ill!
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