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oral sex to a women

hello doctor recently i gave oral sex to a prostitute and since have been worried of getting hiv. I know other sites consider it a low risk, including the cdc website, but why do you guys consider it no risk? I know theres possibility of getting infected through small cuts in your mouth such as from flossing, is this true? does it matter that i tasted a substantial amount of vaginal fluids in mouth during this incident? What's the responsible thing to do, should i test?
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The prospect of you developing HIV from performing oral sex on a female is near zero. There are reported cases but very very few. There are though a considerable number of other diseases such as chlamydia, gonorrhoea, herpes and syphylis which you might have been exposed to and you should test for these too.

kind regards, Sean

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Thanks Doc
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Hello this question is for the doctor. Recently i was involved in a risky sexual encounter in which i was inserting my finger with a condom into a prostitute's vagina. However at the moment i did not stop her from using the same condom for protected insertive sex. I'm not sure which side was facing out when i used the condom on my finger and if that was the side that goes inside when placed on my penis. If so would the vaginal fluids on it and then placed on my bear penis pose a risk for hiv transmission to occur. Really freaking out please help. thank you
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