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Prostate infection/NGU/something else?

I had unprotected oral sex (protected vaginal), both gave and received with a CSW about 8 weeks ago. Since then, I have been having various kinds of issues that come and go like frequent urination, "mild" burning while urination, occasional burning on penis head, pain in groin area (no rectal pain), upset stomach, etc. I also had low grade fever initially but that is gone now. I have had all STD tests (urinalysis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, HIV, herpes, etc.) and everything always shows up as negative.

This specific question is about a possibility of prostatitis. I had my urologist perform DRE and cystoscopy and told me that my prostate looks and feels normal. That combined with negative urinalysis makes the Dr. think that this is just in my head. However, upon "very mild" straining during a bowel movement, I notice cloudy, very sticky discharge from my penis. Now, I don't really masturbated as much as I used to, so wondering if this has something to do with it. I don't masturbate much because I feel that the burning and frequent urination gets worse hours after ejaculation. I also noticed that one of my testicles started hanging lower than the other one (that coincidentally happened with me straining a lot during a constipated bowel movement) and only sometimes feels tender. I have also been diagnosed with mild hip arthritis that just so surprisingly coincides with this incident. Reactive arthritis, maybe?

I have no idea what is going on. What could this be? What other tests should I ask for from my doctors?
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Good luck finding a solution to this.

Keep testing with the urologist.

There are a few STIs you don't seem to have checked for yet that cause NGU. Seems like you know about NGU. You can get tests for them too.

I think if you search MedHelp for "discharge during bowel movement' you'll find some non-STI explanation for that. I have seen Dr. Hunter Handsfield link people to explanations of that to put their STI fears to rest.

Best of luck.
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Thanks so much for your comment. Which NGU test should I go for? I asked my doctor and he told me that there are no specific tests for NGUs. He did prescribe me doxycycline and metronidazole stating that it will kill any NGU bacteria if I have any (that I haven't started taking yet because I have a feeling that this isn't NGU but prostate related).
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For NGU they can test for bacteria, if found then at times they can try to find out what bacteria it is, normally they will just treat with medication.
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The area of NGUs is a bit murky.

Two specific ones that CAN be tested for are Trich and Mycoplasma Genitalium.

A specialist could talk you through others or you can search here on the forum. Ureaplasma could be another but it's considered normal in many men too. There are also other mycoplasmas. Maybe a forum moderator can help with more details here. I am not one and they are very knowledgeable.

And yes, as Vance said, you can get a urinalysis and/or a urine swab to see if you have an infection (they look for white blood cells).
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Thanks for your comments again. I did get urinalysis and gonorrhea/chlamydia tests done (few times) and the results were negative all the times.

Is the NGU discharge constant or can it only happen with bowel movements?

Which other tests should I go for?

Should I start taking doxy and metronizadole?

What do I have?
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No idea what you have.

I am just a person like you, can't recommend drugs. Gotta talk to doc. Should diagnose before you treat.

You may just be anxious. Check CPPS.
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I'm dealing with similar symptoms. How do you feel by now?
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