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1st STD test in 6+ years: is it reliable?

Hi all,

My medical anxiety is killing me tonight. In addition to recent transgressions (posted about already) I have a separate freakout.

When I first started dating my now-wife, I had unprotected vaginal sex with two other women, one time each. I was young and dumb and didn't have any symptoms, so I never got tested. (I did start getting recurrent balanitis around this time but it didn't seem like any STI.) This was in 2010/2011. In early 2013 I finally had a blood test, though my doctor at the time did not say what exactly he tested for, and I'm honestly not confident he actually did the correct tests. I did not get a full battery of tests until 2017.

So my questions are:

1. How reliable was this test in 2017? I'm thinking especially in terms of gono or Chlamydia, which my body probably would have cleared if I'd had, and syphilis, which presumably would be latent by this point.

2. If I'd had gono/chlam that I'd since cleared, I would definitely have passed them to my then-gf (now-wife). I also assume that she would have had symptoms or even PID. What are the risks to her of these potentially unnoticed issues I could have passed on to her?

Related: all of my transgressions have been alcohol related and as of this week I am in treatment for my alcoholism.
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1) Chlamydia doesnt clear by itself. Latent syphilis can still be detected
2) You will definitely have symptoms if you have stds.
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