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A lot of tiny bumps on penis shaft

So I have been very dehydrated recently from partying alot and i'm not sure if thats why I'm experiencing this. My penis has been a bit dry but I woke up one day and noticed that I had a ton of super small reddish/whiteish colored spots on my penis. I was generally unable to see the spots unless my penis was stretched out or erected. The spots would then be little bumps. I had just shave my penis about a week or 2 ago. (i use the same hair clippers to shave every time) Some of the bumps had hair growing out of them while others did not, which made them look like hair follicles or ingrown sometimes. The spots are ALL over my penis shaft. They have some pain every now and then but not all the time. From what I hear, genital warts comes in clusters but I'm not sure if all over the penis shaft would be too much to characterize as genital warts. Please help
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