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Anxious beyond belief

Hi there,

Me and my girlfriend have been together for 2 years. Previous this to, she had two relationships in which she always practiced safe sex.

I have an exposure back in 2009, unprotected sex, oral, anal and vaginal with a sex worker within a brothel. I was tested 84 days post exposure, negative for all STD's including HIV.

I also received unprotected oral sex from a White British Esocrt in 2014, never tested after this due to the low risk I assumed. The sex worker also informed at the time shes regularly tested for all STD's and is clean.

Recently, my girlfriend tested negative for all ST'Ds apart from Chlamydia! I was so freaked out, she is stating I caught back in 2014 or 2009 and passed it over to her.

Is this possible? I could of had Chlamydia for either 8 years or 2 years without knowing?

Today, I had another HIV and Chlamydia test. Currently awaiting to hear back.

I'm so scared that my possible 84 day negative test back in 09 was a false negative. As it seems my tests previously have failed to pick up Chlamydia.

Did my partner have a potential false positive? She had a swab.

Please help! I have nobody else to turn to.



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Hi if  the swab come positive for chlamydia that would not be a false positive and only a lab mix up would have occured and if you contracted chlamydia back in 2009 your body would have cured you in a few months later also you tested negative so you did not have. From what your describing you did not give your partner chlamydia. If you want to confirm this then have another test for chlaymndia but if you come back postive then she gave it to you.
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