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Are these STD Symptoms?

I had protective sex with an escort 9 days ago which I feel very guilty about.

I have had the urge to constantly urinate for around 4 days and a warm/ ice feeling in the middle of my penis shaft which comes and goes.

I have no discharge and no pain during urinating.

A coupe of times I’ve had pain while ejaculating.

When I am busy I don’t notice the symptoms. It’s only when I stop and sit I start thinking of the symptoms.

Are there any STDs that replicate my symptoms? And 9 days after protective sex with condom with no discharge indicate that I am okay?

Thanks for your time.
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My guess is that it's anxiety, for a few reasons.

One, you used a condom, which totally protects you against some infections and offers significant protection against others.

When you are busy, you don't notice the symptoms. That screams anxiety to me.

You mention a warm/cold feeling. There is no STD that gives this symptom, but it's a common one that people with anxiety mention.

However, you mention pain with ejaculation and frequency of urination. If you're well hydrated, and still having these symptoms, you may have a urinary tract infection (not at all related to sex), or a prostate infection (can be related to an STD, but isn't always - in your case, it wouldn't be, since the infections that cause it are prevented when wearing a condom).

If these symptoms are lingering, get them checked. Lay off alcohol and caffeine for a few days, as these irritate the bladder and are dehydrating, drink plenty of water, and see how you feel.
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Oh and also, remember that guilt does not equal risk.
Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly.

If I do not have any penis discharge penile etc symptoms by day 9, bacterial STDs such as NGU and Gono can be pretty much ruled out?

I contacted the escort and sure reassured me that a condom was used throughout (I was pretty drunk so just wanted to know for sure as I was 95% certain I did).

I've had a lot fo caffeine over the last two days so I will cut that out completely for a couple of days.

I just keep getting a noticeable random throb or sting/ tingle every so often when I start thinking about it.

It's driving me mad with anxiety.
You used a condom. That can pretty much rule out STDs like NGU, gono, chlamydia, trich, hep B and HIV. There is a small risk of syphilis, hsv2 and HPV, but from a one time protected encounter, that risk is very small.

Random throbs, etc., are not STD symptoms. If you got a random throb in your elbow, you wouldn't panic. Don't panic now.

I'm guessing anxiety isn't new for you. You should talk to your doctor about that.
Hi Auntiejessi,

I think you're right, I am an anxious person.

I thought I would just reply back with an update.

I keep running through the scenario through my head to ensure that the condom didn't break or it was on throughout the whole time, which i'm sure it was.

I cut down caffeine yesterday to just one cup of coffee in the morning. It seems I was urinating every 3 hours (normal for me) from 5am onwards with no pain. I wasn't urinating not as nearly as much as the day before.

I also ejaculated yesterday once with no pain and today twice with no pain.

Today i have had one cup of coffee in the morning with no issues urinating, but had a second cup in the afternoon which led to an increase in urination and anxiety as I cold start to feel random stings in my urthea again (no pain when urinating). Maybe it's due to urinating too much and not wiping away urine correctly?

I still have no discharge 11 days from protected encounter and no pain urinating. Only the random stings when I think about the symptoms which get my worried.

By the off chance that the condom did break and caught an STD, would I have had different symptoms by now? I guess STD symptoms do not come and go like mine are?

Would you recommend that I could continue having sex?

I'm going to book in for a test this week but do you think there is no need if I wore protection?

"but had a second cup in the afternoon which led to an increase in urination and anxiety as I cold start to feel random stings in my urthea again (no pain when urinating). Maybe it's due to urinating too much and not wiping away urine correctly?"

Or maybe the additional caffeine in the second cup is too much for you, and it's dehydrating you, causing anxiety, and irritating your bladder, which could cause irritation in your urethra.

The condom didn't break. You'd have known and it would have freaked you out (understandably).

Do you have a regular partner, like a girlfriend or wife? Is that what's freaking you out so much?
Hi Auntiejessi,

Im just checking in. Unfortunately I am still getting the same issues as described above.

I can't seem to book an appointment at my local clinic until December and the Walk-in times I cannot do due to work. The clinic have sent out a home sampling  urine kit which I need to send back to them with my sample. I am just wondering how accurate these are?

I am currently 16 days after the encounter. I have had a couple of good days not noticing "symptoms" followed by a couple of bad days. I am having a bad time with anxiety hence the need to order a kit to find out my results.

I still have had no discharge and no pain urinating (I'm not sure what pain I am supposed to feel?).

I'm not sure why I am still feeling like this. I feel like something is building up. Shouldn't I have discharge by now?

And to answer your question I have a regular partner for sex. Am I safe to continue having sex with them?

Thanks for your time.
You had protected sex. Anything that a urine sample tests for, you have no risk for.

There's no urgent care or anything open that you can go to?

I'd say you're safe to have sex with your partner, as your risk was so very low for some things and no risk for others, and that your symptoms are probably being caused by anxiety.

Have you ever heard of catastrophising? https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2017/dec/29/stop-catastrophising-expert-guide-psychologist
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Speaking from someone who has experienced very similar things on a few occasions that you are experiencing now, it’s your anxiety vs any STD. As strange as it may sound, typically a sex worker is safer than a random hookup because they tend to test regularly and be safer unless she’s a druggie. You can go to stdcheck.com and go to a local lab with results in 24 hours to ease your mind although based on your story, you have nothing to worry about. The moment you stop worrying, the pain will go away. Run out and get tested for your peace of mind and put it behind you. You’re fine.
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