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Bilateral Orchitis

25 year old Male.  drak grey/brownish semen, and discomfort on urination.  

Urethral discharge culture
Urethral stricture swabs, come back as no microbes under the microscope, and culture has no growth.   NO Chylamdia, NO GONO. But a lot of pus cell are seen on

Treated with 1g Azithromycin, that night, sudden pain and a lump inoticed on the roof of mouth of the right side, very painful to swallow, but disappears after about 7 hrs that night.
3 days later develop testicular pain both sides and present to ER, bilateral orchitis diagnosed by Urologist, give doxycyline 100mg twice day for 2 weeks.  Pain goes away after about 5 days, but testicles have become sore again mainly on right side, but symptoms
are milder. my question is does HIV infections present as bilateral orchitis? does pus cells with no evidence of bacteria suggest viral cause? and are viral infections other than HIV known to cause bilateral orchitis, does the pain and lump on roof of mouth over the parotid gland suggest Mumps? even if u have had the mumps vaccine as a child.
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All HIV questions need to be posted in the HIV community, see the link above.
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