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Brief gay oral sex Oral Gonorrhea

I met a guy on Grindr and gave him a hand job for some reason I was a idiot and bent down and performed oral sex on him for about 5 to 8 seconds I did not deep throat him by any means and I did not really even use my tongue. I did not taste or feel anything out of the ordinary. It was dark but I could still see everything very well. I fished him off with a hand job and did not ever notice any signs of Gonorrhea. I know my biggest risk is Gonorrhea if he even had it. I called 3 different walk in clinics in my town that do not do throat swabs. I got a itchy/mildly sore throat 5 days after the encounter and this is day 9 and the very mild sore throat is still here. I had very bad sinus drainage over the weekend which might be the reason why but I do not know what to do. Could a 5 second blowjob really lead to Gonorrhea?  
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I am in the same boat actually, except I sucked on just the tip of his penis for a few seconds and he precame a little bit. I put a condom on him and finished him off. The next day, I felt somewhat sick and then the next I'm feeling a little more sick (sore throat, headache, tummy ache). Now i'm worried about HIV, gonorrhea, and chlamydia....
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Chances of an STD from giving a man oral sex for just a few seconds are really low.

HIV is not a concern, and chlamydia is a risk in theory, but most experts have never seen a case of oral chlamydia, so it's not much to be concerned about.

Gonorrhea is a higher risk, but again, after just a few seconds, and at least in the case of rocketpower111, where there was no deep throating, it's probably nothing to worry about.
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