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Bump Felt Just Inside Anal Canal

I posted this in Anal Cancer and Hemorrhoids, too, but thought I'd ask here, too, just in case one of you who frequently answer questions here might have a helpful in sight.

I'm a 47 year old male, and while cleaning in the shower today, I felt a bump just inside the anal canal basically on the other side of the sphincter. As bumps go, it felt decently large already like maybe the size of half a Tic Tac or something. Although, maybe it wasn't that big and I was miscalculating its size. I don't know how long it's been there, but my cleaning procedures are always the same so I feel I probably would have noticed it had it been there awhile so perhaps it's a fairly new development. Many oh, many, many years ago I did have a thrombosed hemorrhoid, and I do fairly frequently have blood on the toilet paper for what that's worth. Anyways, I have anxiety disorder so I really want to trip out about this, and I can't go straight to the doctor until an appointment is made so I thought I would ask here to see if anyone is answering questions on this forum and may have some insight. Thank you
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Hi, what your describing would not be considered a symptom of any std. I would say it could be an HPV wort but due to its location i would agree that its a hemorrhoid but its always good to have a doc check you out to be sure.
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Is your fear that this is sexually transmitted or a genital wart?  Normally some type of sexual encounter would prompt that worry.  Have you had one?  HPV is spread through skin to skin contact so that would have had to occur.  So, it sounds like you are seeing your doctor to tell you what this may be.  Remember, anal warts are NOT life threatening.  They are also treatable.  https://www.healthline.com/health/anal-warts#prevention  With regards to anal cancer/colon-rectal cancer, this again would be important to talk to your doctor about.  There are symptoms and it sounds like the small lump you are feeling and occasional bleeding are your only symptoms?  Hemorrhoids are the MOST common cause of small lump inside the anal entrance.  So, am guessing this will be your diagnosis.  Let us know.  And keep working on your anxiety.  
Thanks. I'm sure you're correct and it's probably just hemorrhoids. Obviously, my first fearful thought was cancer, then hpv warts as I have them on my genitals, but I don't engage in any play back there so I'm most likely catastrophizing. I'll post an update after my doctor's appointment.
Hey, how are you? Have you had a chance to make the appt yet?

I don't have much to add, but definitely let us know what happens, and good luck at the doctor's. :)
I'm fine auntiejessie. My appt is Thursday. I'll let you know what's up. :)
Good. :) Good luck!
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Well, auntiejessie, I've got bad news and good news. The bad news is that I'm going to die. The good news is that hopefully it'll be from natural causes as it certainly isn't going to be from this issue. My doctor says I have an anal papillae of no concern. I logically expected him to say I had nothing to be concerned about, but it's still necessary for my anxiety to hear it so I can fully let it go.

Thanks for your time and expertise and compassion. Hopefully, this'll be the last post I need to make!
Lol well, you have a way with words.

I'm very happy to hear that this is not anything serious, and glad that you can let it go.

I hope it's the last post you can make, but if you need us, we're here. Take good care of you. :)
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