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Bumps on underside of penis. Long term, no pain?

I have found this cluster of bumps on the underside of my penis about 8 months ago.  I haven't had sex in very long time, (more than 10 years) but did receive oral sex 2 years ago.  A complete screen of STD's all came up negative.  

These bumps are painless, shiny, very tiny, and are hard to find unless you stretch the skin out.  I posted this question over in the men's health section but can't get an answer.  Doctors don't know what it is either.

The bumps seem to follow some of the skin folds on the underside of my penis.  No inflammation around it at all. There's a line of them you will see from the photo but they are pin prick sized.  Again, they are hard to find.

See photo on this url:.   https://imgur.com/a/ntZ5zKF

I thought they might be Fordyce spots as they look kind of similar.  But then I came up with Lichen Nitidus which looks allot more like it.  I beliieve these are due to some autoimmune response which would make sense given that I have had a few long lasting yeast like infections over the years.   I was circumcised as a child for that reason.  

Can anyone tell me what these are?  The fact that they have been there for so long without change must say something.   (they are not fleshy like warts and are incredibly small).


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These are what we call fordyce spots.
I am perplexed why your doctor dont know this. They learnt dermatology before. This is a very common skin condition. Please direct any further questions to your doctor.
Thanks.. That's what I thought they were but couldn't tell for sure.
Can I ask, are you a doctor or a dermatologist yourself.  And.. were you able to tell this by looking at the photo?    

Keep in mind that I came to this forum out of frustration from not getting an answer from my doctor..s !
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Yep Fordyce spots for sure. No concerns
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I am not a doctor. I have a bachelor in life sciences.
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