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Can I get syphilis from performing annilingus?

Yesterday I met a guy of 24 years old and we chatted a bit. Since I was VERY cautious these days about sexual safety... we didn't do any penetration nor oral job. But we hugged each other and I performed annilingus to him for about 1-2 minutes. Before the activity, I carefully asked him about his status, and he told me he was all negative. Then I carefully checked his anal area- nothing abnormal and it was very clean, at least the area I could see with my eyes. I even took a photo of it. My question is, should I be concerned about syphilis if there was no visible lesion on his anus? Could a lesion like chancre inside his anus and I licked it with my tongue tip? Thanks for your help.
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You said, that you are being "VERY cautious these days ..." , I am assuming you are talking about covid-19.  Which you can get from just chatting with someone in person.  Maybe reconsider how cautious you are being as far as this coronavirus is concerned especially since you will be doing more than just chatting.  

I wouldn't worry about syphilis from what you describe you did with that man.  If someone has active syphilis lesion you would have seen it; they rarely "hide" inside the digestive tract only.

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