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Can I spread an std via towel?

I’m not sure if I have an std or not, I have a symptom but that could literally be anything, I’m just hoping it’s my anxiety getting the best of me.

Anyways I’m taking precautions just in case as I live in a shared household. We all use our own separate towels (most of the time) I usually wash my towels once a week, but now I’m doubting myself and I’m reluctant to reuse my towel if I’ve already used it once. I don’t wipe/dry my privates with my towels but my towel obviously touches my privates when I wrap it around me. I’ve heard that some stds like trich can be spread/survive on towels. My question is, am I ok to use my towel more than once? Or should I change it each time if I suspect something? I feel like if I do have one and it’s on the towel, I don’t want to be drying myself with said towel and then spreading it when things touch me.
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No, you're not spreading anything.  If you don't have anything, you're not spreading anything no matter what you do -- do you have something?  As for using your towel more than once, sure, but if others are using it too I wouldn't but not because of STDs, just for hygiene.  But please, do dry your whole body.  If you're leaving the area near your genitals wet you are possibly giving yourself the chance to get fungal infections.  You do want to stay dry down there.  Peace.
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Thanks for your response, as for actually having an std I’m not sure, I haven’t been tested yet, but because I have a couple of symptoms, I’m taking precautions just in case. Has for drying my privates, I do dry myself with tissue, not with my towel.
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So, go wash your towel.  Not a big thing to worry about here.  Why do you think you have an STD?  Have you had an encounter or what kinds of symptoms do you have?  Getting tested to make sure you don't have an STD is a good idea (for us all).  What's the std worry?

The towel is a non issue.  That's not a way that std's are spread.  Maybe get a second towel though so you only use it every few days rather than a whole week and have worries that you all are sharing towels.  
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Definitely agree on the towel, AND on getting tested for STDs.

Untreated STDs can cause all kinds of problems, depending on the STD, so please don't wait any longer.

Feel like sharing what's going on? We can probably help.
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