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Can I take birth control when I have cancerous type HPV?

I am 20, I have diagnosed with cancerous HPV almost 8 months ago when I was 19, and I booked a follow-up with my gyno, But COVID shut everything down, and unfortunately, my Doctor passed away.

I just got on BC (YAZ) it has been 4 days now via a contraceptive company where I get to talk to a doctor. however, I was not asked if I have any STD's in the past.

I am very terrified to have my follow-up with a new GYNO. I am afraid of what they will tell me.

My question is, will BC make my HPV worse?
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Hey Gemi -

You really, really need to talk to your gyno about this. Taking birth control can increase your risk for cervical cancer slightly - most of the time, it's not a high enough risk to worry about, but you have precancerous cells that you are not addressing.

Also, I found this - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3222104/ - women who use a combination type of birth control pill - which is what Yaz is - tend to clear HPV slower than those who don't.

I can't tell you not to take this, and you absolutely need a doctor's opinion on this - you know I'm not one.

I don't know that birth control will make it worse, but waiting will make it worse for sure. You've already waited 8 months. I know you are scared, but it's time to deal with this. It just is. By waiting, your life could be at risk here. Cervical cancer can be fatal. Not dealing with it doesn't make it go away - it just gives it more time to get worse.

I don't know if you should take the birth control, but taking the birth control implies that you are having sex, and having sex puts you at risk for other strains of HPV, even if you are using a condom. You know this already.

Are you still in therapy? Have you talked to your therapist about this?

Make the appointment, Gemi, and keep it. You deserve care from a doctor who sees you in person, and your area isn't locked down anymore. You are in an area with some of the best medical care in the world. Use it.

I know this may seem harsh, but think of it as tough love. We want the best for you.

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Thank you for your response Auntie...
I am taking BC to clear acne and balance hormones.

I am absolutely terrified, I have been betting on my age and on time to heal. It is insane for me to think that I have precancerous cells who have high tendency to develop and become cancerous.

I am still in therapy. I have preoccupied with my anxiety and it was shifted to something, hence my absolute distraction to my health especially in regards to this particular matter.

I mean, Ihave dwelling and nagging and and.. what I have to do is to just actually freaking do it already.


Thank you again <3

A doctor who didn't see you or test your hormone levels gave you BC to balance your hormones?

Your HPV may clear - time works for that. I don't remember how abnormal the cells were though - the more abnormal, the less likely that they would go away. The colposcopy would tell you more about that. At this stage, I don't know that you have enough info to make that decision safely.

"what I have to do is to just actually freaking do it already." - yes, absolutely this. :)
I spoke to the doctor who prescribed BC, said it is okay to take BC when HPV positive.

I spoke to my GYNO in regards to book my colposcopy, booked an appt. on Wednesday. He also suspects I have endometriosis  due to discussed symptoms, now i have a new thing to worry about.

Also, I wanted to make sure it is ok to take BC with HPV. He also approved.
Good news about the birth control. That will also help endo, if you have it.

They've come a long way with endo treatments and research. The only way to 100% confirm that is surgery, so that probably won't happen, especially if you're on the pill. They'll probably just wait and see if that helps. The pill helped me so much. The good news is that if this pill doesn't help, there are a bunch of others that you can try. :)

Keep me posted about your appt. I'm proud of you.
Thank you always❤️
Let us see what Wednesday holds.

I am also now part of an OCD study! I am looking forever to my starting date!!!
Oh that's very cool. What kind of study? Is it with that doctor you had talked about going to?

The colposcopy was not too bad at all. Thank God i was not terrified on my way there because I know a tense body would have felt things worse, and would react wrongly. I was actually ready. I think I took the time I needed, and that was great.

I also did the scary part and got STD blood work done, told the nurse to make sure NOT TO INCLUDE HERPES TESTING! I expressed to her my false positive and what so ever, it frustrated me how they test for herpes without the presence of a lesion. I said girl why would you do that? Smh
(never have i had unprotected sex ever since last encounters, but in my head i am saying, what if this person took the condom off without me paying attention? poked a hole in the condom?) LOL! my OCD is definitely coming out to play.

I also checked on the lump on my lower right side by an ultrasound, he said it is athlete hernia. (Thank God) So i need to see a doctor for that.

He also performed a pelvic exam to check out any signs of endometriosis, he said it seems like there is nothing. However, this starts in teenage years so i should  monitor what is going on, so he will have to perform laparoscopy. Better safe than sorry I guess.

He also did swab culture because he suspected yeast infection, although I took a pill of Diflucan, and it seemed like it did not do the work... a bit itchy here and there.. hopefully nothing crazy :(

And it is studying whether this drug they are testing can actually work on OCD symptoms. Thankfully, the medicine is FDA approved, but currently used for nausea and such! (Very interesting)

I found it via StudyKik.com, you get to type in your ZipCode, and the type of study you want to be involved in.
The study is being performed by  NYU Langone Medical Center and the Nathan Kline Institute.

ps: not utlrasound, ultrascan. tHe Transvaginal ultrasound! even better
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I'm so glad it went well, and yay for you for advocating for yourself!

It sounds like you like the new doc, and that's great, too.

Endometriosis is hard to find on a pelvic exam, and he's right - it could be just starting. Time will tell on that.

When do you get the results of the colpo?

I'm so proud of you for doing this. You should be, too. :)
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thank you! my results come back by next week. I will definitely keep you posted.

Pray for me!
Of course <3
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