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Can an std be spread through wet clothes?

I’ve recently thought I might have an std. my only symptom is itching which I know could mean anything but since I live with other people I’ve been taking extra precautions with personal hygiene. I spilt some water on my lap, my left leg/thigh is soaked through instead of changing my trousers I’m letting it dry. But I’m a bit worried since I’ve heard trich  can be spread through wet clothes?
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Trich may be able to be spread that way - it's debatable - but that means wearing someone else's clothes that are wet, like a wet bathing suit that hasn't been washed.

It doesn't mean your own wet pants. Like a cold or the flu or even COVID, you have to be exposed to a germ from someone else to get it. It doesn't just appear. Sexually transmitted infections are called this because they need sexual activity in order to transmit them.
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