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Can syphilis be contracted via mutual masturbation between 2 men??

Hi, Im seeking clarity on the above question as there seems to be a lot of conflicting information out there

Would it be possible to contract syphilis if I masturbate a man and then touch my own penis and he also masturbates me?

No other sexual activity occurred. No oral or anal sex?

I know this is supposedly unlikely but I also read that the glans is 'rough skin' so if he had the bacteria on his hand or I did, then could it penetrate the skin on the glans?

It has been 7 weeks since it happened and I have a couple of very small red marks on glans and on skin just below glans so Im stressing a lot about it.

Can you offer any help/advice? (I'm also married)
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No, STDs are not transmitted this way. You should get the red marks checked, though. It could be anything from a fungal infection to balanitis or a host of other things not even related to this encounter.

Here are some posts from our experts (when we had them) that may help -





https://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV---Prevention/Vaginal-fluid-on-hand-touched-inside-of-condom-and-head-of-penis/show/1119533 - read this thread thoroughly. There is an excellent explanation about why certain activities are not risks, and why others are.
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Thanks for getting back to me. However, I still have a doubt due to reading various online sources. If I masturbated him and then touched my own penis again, using my own saliva to lubricate myself, it is possible that this creates the conditions for skin to be penetrated. Also he masturbated me quite vigorously, again possibly creating micro-tears in skin on penis. I have read all the links that you sent and thank you but Im still seeing online tbat syphilis can be passed via skin-to-skin contact. If there is any way you can clarify further or reiterate, then I'd be greatly appreciative.
Yes, skin-to-skin contact means direct skin to skin, as in your penis on his penis, or your penis on his anus - something like that.

If you're concerned, just go get tested and put your mind at ease. It's been 6 weeks, so your test will be conclusive. (You had no risk, so it would be conclusive anyway, but the timing works now.)
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