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Can you get any STD including HIV from sniffing used underwear?

I sniffed a used female underwear taken from the laundry bin before it was sent to the wash.

I remember taking two sniffs and there was a very small distance between the underwear and my nose as it was not touching the skin of my nose but was very close to it.

I also noticed there was a white stained spot on the underwear, maybe some sort of vaginal secretion?

I’m paranoid because I’ve heard of STD’s that do live outside of the body for periods of type like Hepatitis B.

My questions in specific:
1) Is it possible to catch ANY STD including HIV from this event?
2) If yes, what type of tests should I do?
3) If no, is this considered not an exposure and can I just move on and forget about the whole incident?

Background story for anyone curious: I was at a friends house having a few drinks and suddenly that friend after a few hours came up to me and pulled out his mother’s dirty thong from his pocket and started showing it to me, I was extremely shocked. He started to pressure me into holding it and sniffing it and I did not want to at all but after several times of him asking me and I felt really nervous and not knowing what to do, I reluctantly sniffed it just to make him stop asking me and finish with that whole scenario. I immediately regretted my decision and started to think that I wish I had just shouted at him but in the moment it’s hard to do such things especially since I was extremely inexperienced of such a scenario. Yes it does look like he has some sort of incest fetish towards his family members and for some crazy reason he wanted to share it with me. I was extremely shocked and stopped talking to him from that day. This whole background story is for no one to judge me because I would never intentionally do such a thing. It’s just not who I am.

This happened about a month ago.

I will appreciate anyone who answers me as soon as possible and I’m ready to answer any follow up questions. Thank you
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There is absolutely no risk from this event at all.

We don't judge here, so no worries.
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Thank you AuntieJessi for the quick response. Alrighty I understand and appreciate it. I guess it is just my anxiety playing tricks on me and a sudden scenario that took me by surprise.
If anxiety isn't new for you, you should talk to your doctor about that. There are excellent treatments available for that, and you deserve some relief.
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