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Can you get syphilis from cut on a finger

First,forgive me for my poor English. I have a small cut on my finger, about 5mm. And My fingers touched a woman's vagina, who worked in nightclub. I can't remember when this cut was made. That night, when I get home, I found this cut, no bleeding. But  pressing on the wound causes a small amount of fluid to seep out. Extreme fear now for getting HIV and syphilis. I want to ask,  can syphilis  be contracted to me in this condition? Help me...
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No chance of getting HIV - the cut isn't big enough, and it wasn't bleeding, meaning it wasn't open. You have to squeeze it to get anything from it, which means you are probably opening it again.

Syphilis - probably not, because it prefers mucous membranes, like the mouth and genitals.

Stop pressing it, keep it clean, maybe put a bandaid on it so you aren't looking at it all the time, and you'll be fine. :)
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Thank you very much for your reply!
When I got home that night and found the wound. I feel a little pain when I touch it. Before I got home,I did not feel anything. Maybe because of alcohol. I'm not sure if it's bleeding when I fingered the girl. That's why I am very anxious.
Do I need a test for syphilis?
And I konw this may not be an appropriate question in this forum: Is there a risk for Infection with hepatitis b?
Thanks again!
You asked about hiv in that forum too, so you need to move on instead of repeating the same questions.
Thank you for the advice!Yes,I did. And I am sorry for asking the same question. I feel anxious about various diseases. Now I konw there is no risk with HIV. But I still worry about syphilis and hepatitis B. My mind is very tortured. I can't face my family. Anyway, thanks to medhelp!
No, you had no risk for anything. Nothing at all - no STD risk at all.

Have you been vaccinated for Hep B? I don't know how old you are, or where you live, but chances are you have been. Talk to your doctor about it.

You are overreacting to this. I know it's viewed differently in different cultures, but you really only fingered a girl. Outside of whatever religious or cultural views you or others may hold on this, it's not a big deal, medically. Nothing bad is going to happen to you because of it.

Thank you auntiejessie for your prompt reply and for help in putting things into perspective for me!

I am male, 31, from China (HBV endemic country). I went to the city's public hospital today and got tested for hepatitis b (5 days after fingering). The doctor said I had been vaccinated (I don't remember, maybe as a kid or in college). But my antibody is not very high : 37.19 mIU/ml.

My concern is mainly because I don't want to infect my family, especially the baby. If I have these diseases.

Besides, my friend told me that I had a little drunk that day and  I had a French kiss with that girl.  After fingering , maybe I put my finger in my mouth or touched my penis in the toilet.

Dear auntiejessie,
Final question: taking all of the above factors into consideration, do you still think I am not at any risk?

I've been anxious for days. I really appreciate your help.
You were vaccinated for HBV. This means you can not get it. Did your doctor suggest anything about the low antibody? (I don't know the ranges for that, so I'm only going on what you say.)

You have no chance of infecting anyone with anything because you couldn't get anything.

You really can stop worrying.
Hi auntiejessi,

The doctor said the antibody had not reached the lower limit, and he advised me to get another shot of vaccine. I will do it.

I've been reading on this forum recently, and
I've been searching things on the Internet. I'm stuck in a cycle. I wasted a lot of time and energy. At the same time, I give up a lot of meaningful things. Thank you very much for the response, it meant a lot for me. I'll try to get out and I will hold on.

Many thanks for your generous help. Wish you all the best!
"I've been reading on this forum recently, and I've been searching things on the Internet. I'm stuck in a cycle. I wasted a lot of time and energy. At the same time, I give up a lot of meaningful things. "

If you did all that based on this encounter, then I'd guess anxiety is not a new thing for you. You should talk to your doctor about this, as you would any other medical condition. There is help for anxiety, and you can feel a lot better. :)

Best to you.
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