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Dear Dr. Sean,

Am sorry to post again, but just wanted to update you with my situation and take your opinion.

As you have clearly rules out HIV, i have taken mutiple STD checks all came back negative.

I have done also HIV-1&2 DNA @ 28 days and HIV DUO at 34 days, both came back negative / non reactive.

However, my partner since the symptoms started to appear had continous vaginal discharge, so we went to a gyno how diagonised her as having vaginal candidiasis and gave both of us one pill each (DIFLUCAN 150mg).

My question is about the Candidiasis:
1. is it STD ? if not how can it be transmitted from me to my partner?
2. Does that in anyway relate to HIV early symptoms ?

Thank you,
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You have not posted to Dr.Sean. You need to post in the inetrnational forum. You might have to pay again to post this.
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Thanks Vance, already did
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