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Chance of any STD or HIV?

I had an encounter in an adult bookstore about two weeks ago in which I (a male) masturbated and ejaculated on another mans (of unknown status) anus region.  My penis did not (or any other part of my body for that matter) touch or make contact with his anus or even touch his body in any way.  My penis was approximately 1" away from his anus when I ejaculated, however like I mention, did not come into contact with any part of his body.  Is there any chance of any kind of STD or HIV through just this "close" contact, but no real contact?.....Everything I know tells me no way, but would like reassurance.
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If you had no direct physical contact with anyone, there's no chance of you getting an STD.

To get an STD, you need to have direct, unclothed contact - mouth to genital, genital to genital, or genital to anus. There usually needs to be rubbing, grinding or penetration.

STDs and HIV can't sort of jump from one person to another through the air.

Different activities put you at risk for different infections, but all require direct contact. HIV, for example, is only transmitted via vaginal or anal sex. Syphilis can be transmitted by oral, vaginal or anal sex, or genital grinding/rubbing while unclothed. In all infections, direct contact is required.

Since you didn't have that, you're fine. :)
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