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I am freaking out a little bit about STD's at this point in time.
I am just looking for some opinions on my situation to maybe help ease my mind.

Firstly, I was last tested for everything on December 9, all negative. I have been with the same partner for a few months now (do not always trust him when he says we're monogamous), with that same partner I had protected sex later in December but the condom broke.

I then had a fall in judgment and had protected sex with another partner (condom intact through all intercourse) but unprotected oral with a different partner about two weeks ago.

This past Saturday I had protected sex again with the first partner (condom stayed intact throughout intercourse) and unprotected oral again.

On Tuesday I went to the doctor with symptoms of a UTI and was prescribed antibiotics for that, all symptoms went away. I worry it may be an STI due to my lack of confidence that my consistent partner has been monogamous.

I am just wondering what you guys think my chances are of having contracted and STI from these encounters are?
If I got it from the first encounter when the condom broke, what are my chances of having passed it on to my other partner?
I have had chlamidya before and my symptoms to that were more of a yeast infection, but I'm sure symptoms can always show up in different ways or not at all. I am currently awaiting my test results but am clearly very anxious about it.
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