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Chlamydia through cracks on hands?

Hi there, if you gave someone a 30 second hand job without ejaculation and while they were wearing thin poly mix spandex underwear. Is it possible for chlamydia or another STD to be transmitted through the the eczema cracks on your fingers? Then would it make its way to the genitals?
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A hand job is considered a 'safer' sexual encounter.  you gave the hand job though.  This is far less risk.  Would you get chlamydia through sores on your hands when giving a hand job?  You would not get chlamydia of the hand.  
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Hand jobs do not transmit STDs - hands never transmit them.

STDs also don't go through clothing, no matter how thin.

If your hands are cracked, you should reconsider hand jobs, though. If someone has a fungal or other bacterial infection (staph, MRSA, etc.), you could easily get that on your hands.
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