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Cluster of bumps on shaft of penis(10-15); 3 sores at base of penis..anyone have any ideas????

I had sex with a lady a few months ago. About 17-20 days after, I developed almost simultaneously two different groups of bumps or "sores." The first was at the very base of my penis- there are about 3-4 sores closely together. They have been present for at least 45 days now. I'd say more likely pushing two months. They have finally started to "crust" over and shrink in size. The other set of sores occurred in the middle of my penis. There are 10-20 bumps in a very tight cluster. They have also been present for close to two months. They have not crusted or erupted or anything else. They have showed absolutely no signs of shrinking or going away. My first thoughts were A.) Genital Herpes. Or B.) Genital Warts. It seems that Herpes should have disappeared by now. I obtained a bottle of Valtrax and took about 15 pills over a 20 day or so period and saw really no change in the clusters. If it were herpes, I would have thought they would have disappeared? The lady I had sex with had a strong "fishy" odor to her Vagina... I guess that should have been my first clue to get out, but I had been with her before and didn't think much about it at the time.... Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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the initial herpes ob can linger for this long without treatment.

were you seen and had any testing done yet?

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Honey, that sounds like herpes and you need to go get that checked out. Warts will be in clusters but look like cauliflower in shape. Herpes start as bumps and then break and blister over and become sores. Some can go away on their own, but symptoms can come back, especially left untreated. The Valtrex is good to take for the herpes outbreak itself, but if you do have Herpes, you need to continuously take it. There are two types of herpes, herpes 1 and herpes 2......the first is usually associated with mouth sores, but type 2 is forever and usually shows itself on the genitals. PLEASE go to the dr and get a blood test done. the dr will also more than likely take samples of the sores to test if it is type one or two. Hope this helps some....
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