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I am 33 year old male. I recently had protected sex with SW and unprotected oral sex. After 10 days I started feeling urge to urinate more and some tingling sensation in my penis. I had some bumps on my penis too. My doctor swabbed them and told it is not HSV. My doc gave by Azithromycin 2g oral powder and i had it and experienced mild diarrhoea around 4 times, the next day I did not eat anything, just had sports drink and had an apple and yoghurt in the night. Till night after the day of antibiotics, I did not have the tingling sensation, now I feel it again and am sleepless and restless. Is it possible that I have herpes? How long after sexual contact do I need to test for HIV to be sure. Please help!
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It sounds like anxiety is playing on you. It might have been pure coincidence that you had diarrhoea, and that you had the encounter.

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Thanks for the reply concernedoneau. I appreciate it!

I read that the diahorrea could be a sideffect of the antibiotic. However, I am worried about the Herpes, because it is notorious for giving false negatives and the tingling/urination symptom matches it.am uncircumcised, may be I noticed the bumps later, but they do not have any pain or itching. Could it be due to some fungal infection? Does any fungal infection cause above symptoms?

Also, oral sex was both received and given. Does it put me at a higher risk?
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Herpes and HIV have specific forums, please post there.
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