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Condom inserted with mouth

Hello community

Here’s my scenario. And just for my safety I always practice safe sex. Anyways here’s my question. Yesterday I received a protected BJ from a female escort. She placed the condom on my penis with her mouth. It was the first time this happened to me so I was a little nervous. I watched carefully to make sure that her mouth didn’t come into contact with my urethra and shaft of penis. I don’t think it did but let’s just say some saliva got into the condom can this lead to a STD like ngu or gonorrhea?I’m not worried at all about hiv, herpes, etc. I’ve got many BJs before always protected but this time it was different since she put it on with her mouth.

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No risk here.

Oral is a very low risk for anything anyway and the bacteria lives at the back of the throat if there was.
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Thanks sillymistake87 for the response and reassurance.
Quick follow up. And only if you know. Does it take a lot of saliva to go into urethra to cause an std or it doesn’t matter the amount.
It's not the saliva as much as it is the exposure to the back of the throat where gonorrhea and chlamydia live, if someone is infected orally.

You really don't have anything to worry about here.
Thank you auntiejessi.
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