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Condom slipping off question

Am I correct in my thinking below?

During protected sex I felt the bottom part of the penis, the condom had slipped off halfway (it felt like top part was still covered but not sure) towards the end as I lost my erection. As I pulled out after ejaculating, I looked down and the condom was not covering the tip and sat on top of the shaft of my flaccid penis. The semen had gone over my legs and the bed and not inside her. Am I correct in thinking it’s most likely that the condom slipped off as I withdrew and protection was complete?
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Yes, it sounds like it, or the semen would be in your partner, and not all over you. Obviously, no one who wasn't there can be sure of that, but that's what I'd guess had I been there.

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Even if she was on top?
"The semen had gone over my legs and the bed and not inside her." - this is what you said. I would think that if there was no semen in her, that the condom slipped off on withdrawal.

Well I’m not sure if it’s semen. It was wetness over my legs and groin area and a wet patch on the bed next to my legs. But that could have been vaginal fluid?
Okay, so you keep questioning it - what would make you feel better? There is no way that I can know what happened. I wasn't there. It sounds like an awful lot of fluid for it to come from a female, but maybe it was.

It still would have had to get into your urethra. If you think that may have happened, just go test. That's the only thing that can determine if you're infected with anything. You can go back and forth over in your mind for months, or you can test and put your mind at ease.
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