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Could gonorrhea be antibiotic resistant?

About 6 months ago I was tested positive for gonorrhea then was given heavy antibiotics 1g ceftrixone injection plus 1g azythromycin for 3 consecutive days. From last one week I have been feeling intermittent needle like pain (throbbing) in penis and in an area (could be perineum)around testicles and recently a bladder pain while urinating. Could that still be gonorrhea? Was it never gone? Also I got tested for several other STD's (chlamydia, sypilis, herpes, HIV) but was tested negative. Have been tested negative thrice for HIV in last 6 months. Should I get myself retested for gonorrhea? When I was tested positive for gonorrhea I had only symptoms like burning, redness and itching on penis. Not the symptoms I mentioned above.also I have no sexual contact in all these months. Please help, thanks.
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1) Gonorrhea can be antibiotic resistant
2) your symptoms doesnt sound like gonorrhea
3) yes please retest so that you know whether your gonorrhea was cured or not
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Thanks for your reply. Today is my 5th day of taking doxycycline (100 mg twice a day). Would it affect my retest?
Yes, it can. You should wait to retest until you are off of antibiotics. Some STI tests require op to 3 weeks of being off antibiotics
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