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Diagnose with trich

Hello,  I was diagnosed with Trich today. The guy I got OT from claims he has nothing and that he went to get checked.  I also was having unprotected sex with my fiance of a year never came down with an itch until after I broke up with him and engaged in unprotected sex with a guy 5  weeks prior. My symptoms started 2 weeks after the sex with the new guy. I thought it was a yeast infection and my gyno thought maybe it was BV. My labs came in today and I have Trich.  

The guy claims that he has nothing could he be asymptomatic
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Hi, the most obvious symptom of trich is a green discharge and yes diagnosing trich in men is a bit difficult.
Hey, that's the problem. I never had no green discharge.  I just had a watery discharge.  When the gyno did my pap she thought it was BV and now the labs say Trich. I am not sure if I was misdiagnosed or what. I was given Flagyl and do not have no symptoms since I've taken it. My symptoms started during my period but after it was off I started having leaky watery discharge.
The guy had a gf and she also told me that she did not have any abnormal itching in her vagina.
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