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Discharge and itchy urethra come back again


I was having a bit of an adventure from the whole year with a numbers of lady escorts. All sexual intercourse was performed using a condom all the time except some oral from them and mostly oral from me.

In the end of January I found my self getting itchy inside on my penis(urethra) and vaguely I remember a transparent discharge come along with it which is this is my first-time experienced it and makes me anxious and panic. Go to the doctor to test the urine for bacteria but the result came back saying everything normal. The doctor said it could be yeast infection give me one dose Fluconazol 150gr and a fungi cream. It didn't help.

I came back to the doctor and do the G and C test, and both came back negative. The doctor then diagnosed me having a UTI and prescribe me Doximed 150gr antibiotic 1x10 days. All the symptoms went away no itchy no discharge.

A week a go after have sex with my regular partner with a condom. She starts having itchy and white discharge from her V. She went to the doctor, and comeback with a yeast infection diagnosis and get a cream and pill that needs to put inside of her V. The treatment seems doing well she said the symptom are gone.

At the same time for me, the symptoms are back. :( Start itchy and the discharge back again. If the previous one I vaguely remember only one time seeing white discharge, this time around I’m having white small amount discharge especially every night I woke up to that. I also start noticing the stains on my underwear that have white chalky looking.

I’m really scare now, I’m having trouble getting an English speaking doctor appointment here so I started to take a garlic remedy every day.

What would you guys think of my condition based on my story? Will it be a GP can treat my condition or should I go to Urology?

Hope anyone can help me with this, thank you for your time..
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In addition to that in both episodes I'm having a night sweat that sometimes wakes me up at night. I'm really worried right now. Thank you..
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Sounds like you have ruled out std's that are the main concern with unprotected oral.  You sound also to have had a very limited exposure that wouldn't make an std even a possibility so looking for other things causing symptoms is wise.  Your appointment with a doctor that you feel confident in is the right step. Yeast infections can happen at any time to a woman.  And she can pass yeast to you if you have unprotected vaginal.  Not sure if that is the reason for your white discharge. This article may be helpful to you.  https://www.healthline.com/health/male-discharge-non-std#ut-is    What about NGU? When is your doctor's appointment?
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Hi, thank you so much for your response. It means a lot to me. Still have no luck securing English speaking doctor appointment.

The intensity of itchy discomfort now is started to tone down a lil bit. But I still feel it every now and then. Every morning I got a very small drop of white discharge and white stain on my underwear. I applied the yeast cream that my partner got to treat her condition. But seems that doesn't help a bit. I mean the itchy is inside of the urethra and the cream is not going to reach the infection area effectively if it true I have yeast infection.

On another side, my spouse seems to be getting normal again after the yeast infection. No itchy and no white discharge.

Is there any effective otc pill to treat yeast?

I thought the same thing as well that this could be NGU. Especially maybe Trich. I will try to get the doctor appointment sometime over the next week. I really need to get some antibiotic to get this done.
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You've taken a lot of antibiotics, which can cause a yeast infection. It's also possible that you transmitted that to your regular partner, or she had one that she transmitted to you.

When they treated you for a fungal infection and then a UTI, did they actually do any testing? Did they just treat you based on symptoms?

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Thank you so much for your reply.

Yes, the first one took a urine test and comeback everything is normal then the doctor prescribe me to treat for yeast.

The second one took a test for G and C and it came back negative then the doctor gave me the antibiotics to treat ureaplasma.

The tricky thing is that the last sex that I did without a condom with my spouse is around January, and after that, I always use it because I start to feel something wrong around the end of January early February. So the last two encounters with her are using a condom and then she started to feel the symptoms of itchy and white discharge is she then went to the doctor and get diagnosed with a yeast infection and get treated and seems to be cured. I, on the other hand, start to feel the same symptom at the same time. Take the same cream to treat mine but seems in my case doesn't help. Well, it helps to tone down the itchy but the discharge still presents every morning when I wake up.

One more thing that I notice seems that the itchy disappears when my bladder is empty.

Any pointers will help to figure out what this is.
Her yeast treatment may help her because she isn't continually taking antibiotics like you are. Why did they treat you for ureaplasma? Did they actually find that in your urine?

Maybe you need an oral treatment for yeast and not a cream. Your infection seems internal if you are getting a discharge. An external cream won't help that. Ask if there is an oral form of fluconazole or something similar where you are.
Hi Auntiejessi,

After the last comment pretty much nothing I can do other than continue applied the yeast topical cream because I can’t get the fluconazole without the prescription.

The itchy and discharge slowly disapear around last week until I completely sure it stop after 4 days without any signs again I did protected sex with my wife. The problem occur the day after I suddenly had a small amount white discharge in the morning when I take my first pee. I also notice that there’s small mark of white chalk on my underwear. The things is, looks like it happen when I got erection because the place of the marks is somewhere  around top part of the front underwear which is where my tip of penis can reach while it erected. This is the second day of it still happen. Note that the itchy is gone and I don’t feel any uncomfortable, burn or whatever it is. Feels normal only the discharge that concern me.

Is this still the case of the yeast infection? Or is this somehow sperm leak? or do I infected by HIV so the yeast is coming back giving that I had a previous risk behavior?

I still try to find a good English speaking doctor around me. But still not sure should I go to GP or urologist.

Hope I can hear back from you.

Thank you so much!
This isn't HIV. HIV doesn't cause a discharge.

Morning leakage like this is normal, so long as it is white or clear. Perhaps you're having erections during sleep with pre-ejaculatory fluid (pre-cum) and that's what you're seeing on your underwear. Totally normal.

Give it some time. I think  you and your wife may have passed a yeast infection back and forth, and if you are both symptom-free for a couple of weeks, you can go back to no condoms.

HIV isn't transmitted by oral sex, so you don't need to worry about that.
Thank you so much auntiejessi.

The main reason why I thought about HIV is that right now seems everything is happening at the same time.

This itchy and discharge, also sometimes I had a night sweat that I would say very mild not make my clothes soaking wet but this concerned me. Also, become more paranoid whenever I feel itchy in every random spot on my body and face.

That would make me think something is maybe wrong with my body. :(

Any suggestions on how to handle this situation or anxiety? Should I just take the HIV test? Which is right now seems to be like a really highest stake bet that I'm gonna take that is really scared me very much.
Unless there is something you aren't saying here, you have no HIV risk. HIV doesn't cause itching and discharge.

Anxiety can cause night sweats. It can also cause hyper-awareness of every itch and twitch on your body. Is this a guilt thing? Try to remember that guilt doesn't equal risk.

Get therapy if you need to. You don't have HIV, at least not from the encounters you describe. You do not need to test. If it will make you feel better to see that on paper, then test. It will be negative.

Thank you so much for your quick response auntiejessi.

I already told you everything about my risky behavior last year, nothing that I hide here. Yeah I feel guilty knowing that I’ve been unfaithful to my wife.

Thank you so much for your help so far. I’ll keep you up to date just in case I see the doctor and maybe take a test for everything.
Hi auntiejessi,

Just come back from the doctor. He didn't give me the fluconazole for the yeast that he feels is unusual for men to have it even I already explained that my wife had the same problem and get a yeast prescription and healed. He gave me a 2 swab tool for me to take a sample of my discharge in the morning and scheduled an appointment for the std test on Friday for it also for the blood test that he said also we need to take an HIV test as well. I’m so worried about the HIV test so I bought a self home HIV test kit and the result is negative. Would this result accurate? Now I really worried about everything.. :(
You had unprotected oral - not a risk for HIV. I don't know why your doctor said that. I assume your home test is accurate - I don't know what kind of test it is, so I can't say for sure.

Maybe it's better that he didn't give you the meds since he's going to test the discharge. Maybe he'll find something there, like yeast, and if you had the meds, it might mask it.

Let me know what happens.
Hi auntiejessi,

I took this home test kit: Exacto Test HIV (Biosynex) self-test is a third-generation immunochromatographic test, using a specific antibody-binding protein that is conjugated to colloidal gold dye particles and synthetic antigens (gp41, gp36) able to detect antibodies against HIV-1 or HIV-2 in whole blood, serum, or plasma, which are bound to the solid phase membrane [9, 10].

Sure I’ll give you an update on Friday. Right now I’m still very worried about anything.
I wasn't familiar with that test, but I just looked up a study and it's extremely accurate.  You didn't need an HIV test, since you were never exposed to HIV from this event, but at least you can have peace of mind.  There's no need for the doctor to test you for HIV again, but if he does, you can be assured that your result will be negative.
Yes, what CurfewX said. You can trust that. I would, for sure.
Hi Auntiejessi,

Now that I wait for Friday to come. I keep looking what is wrong with my body over the Internet. Now I found something weird on my tongue. Looks like I have some kind of bumps on the sideline of my tongue and two bumps that close together looks like a spike but it really small. Also on the top front of the tongue, I notice that lots of red dots that couple of it raised very little. Could it be HPV knowing that I had an unprotected oral history?

All of this thing that happened at once really make me crazy right now. I am super stressed at the moment.
No, it's not oral HPV. The strains that affect the mouth are the high risk kind, and don't give you warts. What you see are probably irritated taste buds from checking, or maybe they are canker sores. Neither are any cause for concern.

Please consider seeing a therapist though. Your anxiety is going to wreck you. Stop looking at things on the internet. Spend your time making yourself feel better, not worse.
Hi auntiejessi, I would like to give you an update. Every test(Gono, Clami, hiv, siphilis, etc) that I took come back negative. Doctor said that everything is ok and said that I’m healthy. It was a relieved to get that result. I really want to say thank you for comforting me with your answer.
I'm happy to hear it. :)
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