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Do I have an STI

Going on a day ago I went to a girl house and we were playing around for a bit she got aggressive and grabbed my nuts, 10 mins later we had sex but it wasn’t more than 1-2 mins due to my inactivity of masterbating for 2 months, today I woke up and I just feel uncertain if I had caught an STI, there is no burning, there’s a little itching but i think it’s because I hadn’t washed my area properly, please help I am hoping for the best and I am hoping that I will be ok. Is it just my anxiety kicking hard or do I have something. I’m 17
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Hi, no std shows symptoms in one day but takes about a week and would mostly consists of a white puss penis discharge and burning while urinating.
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So after sex it’s normal for my area to be a little moist and kinda scratch if not washed properly?
Yes, that's normal. Take a shower and see how you feel.
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