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Do you guys think you can help me with what I may have ?

Hello, I received oral sex last Saturday and it’s been a full week, I started to notice that my penis was feeling kind of weird like an annoyance in the head of the urethra. I have also noticed dry small patches on thighs and inner groin area also under scrotum but not many, I believe that it’s may be from soap i use causing dry skin but for the annoyance in the urethra I’m not sure about. its a burning feeling that comes and goes throughout the day.  i do not seem to have any discharge, and i have checked my boxers each night and have not noticed anything.  urinating/ejaculation doesn't seem to intensify the burning.  the burning is more of an annoyance and is enough to keep it on my mind all day. anxiety doesn't help the symptoms im sure. Can you guys help me out ?
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Was the oral sex protected or unprotected?
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It could be gonorrhea or Chlamydia. You should get tested.
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